Treasures of Congress
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Section Through Dome of US Capitol

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Creating a Legislature

The First Federal Congress

The First Congress: The Bill of Rights

The Formation of Political Parties: Early Animosities

The Formation of Political Parties: The Alien and Sedition Acts

Congress Finds a Home

The House Selects a President

The War of 1812: The Capitol in Flames

Conflict with the Executive: The Bank War

Struggles over Slavery: the "Gag" rule

Struggles over Slavery: The Compromise of 1850

Congress and The Civil War

Reconstruction: Roads to Reunion

Reconstruction: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Congress and the American West: The Transcontinental Railroad

Progressive Reform: Speaker Cannon

Progressive Reform: The Direct Election of Senators

Progressive Reform: Votes for Women

Congress and the New Deal: Social Security

Congress, Neutrality, and Lend-Lease

Congress Declares War: Day of Infamy

Bipartisan Foreign Policy: The Marshall Plan

Preserving Senatorial Traditions: The Censure of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

Congress and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Advice and Consent: The Panama Canal Treaties

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