National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region, Chicago

La Pointe Agency, La Pointe, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Registers of Letters Received, 1913-1926
General Letters Received, 1871-1914
Letters Received from the Commissioner, 1869-1914
Letters Received from Bad River Reservation, 1879-1924
Letters Received from the Fond du Lac Reservation, 1884-1914
Letters Received from Grand Portage Reservation, 1881-1913
Letters Received from Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, 1881-1914
Letters Received from Lac du Flambeau Reservation and School, 1885-1914
Letters Received from Red Cliff Reservation, 1882-1914
Letters Received from Vermillion Lake Reservation, 1881-1906
Letters Received Regarding Minnesota Agencies, 1906-1914
Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Commissioner, 1878-1914
Press Copies of General Letters Sent, 1881-1914
Miscellaneous Administrative Correspondence, 1870-1913
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1914-1924
Miscellaneous Correspondence with the Department, 1914-1921
Calendar of Letters Received by Superintendent P. S. Everest, 1926-1931

II. Administrative Records

Press Copies of Letters Related to Timber Contracts, 1894-1895
Press Copies of Census Rolls-Lake Superior Chippewas, 1887-1893
Annual Reports, 1911-1926
Record of Employees, 1883-1927
Efficiency Reports on Employees, 1897-1926
Lists of Positions and Salaries, 1898-1912
Reports of Changes in Employees, 1913-1927
Employee Leave Records, 1909-1927
Miscellaneous Records of the Disbursing Officer, 1908-1927
Administrative Records of the Red Cliff Reservation, 1883-1912
Administrative Files, Grand Portage Reservation, 1891-1912
Administrative Records of the Lac du Flambeau Agency, 1888-1914
Administrative Records of the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, 1883-1915
Administrative Files, Bad River Reservation, 1894-1918
Administrative Files, Fond du Lac Reservation, 1888-1909
Census Roll, Lac Courte Oreilles, Apr. 3, 1877
Reports on Timber Operations, 1907-1923
Press Copies of Certificates of Inspection, 1884-1904
Descriptive Statement of Government Buildings, Sept. 30, 1878-Mar. 30, 1907

III. Legal and Legislative Records

Register of Probate Cases, 1924-1928

IV. Financial Records

Property Accounting Records, 1874-1922
Letters Received Regarding Accounts, 1897-1923
Employees Payrolls, June 1874-Sept. 1912
Report of Irregular Employees ("Receipt Roll"), Dec. 1879-June 1907
Check Register, 1917-1922
Report of Checks Issued, Aug. 1911-Dec. 1911
Registers of Financial Transactions (La Pointe), 1925-1927
Journals of Receipts and Disbursements, 1875-1911
Records of Receipts and Disbursements under Various Funds and Appropriations, 1909-1918
Journals of Miscellaneous Receipts and Expenditures, 1886-1927
Records of Authorities, 1909-1916
Ledgers of Timber Accounts, 1886-1911

V. Records of Trust Responsibilities

Correspondence Related to Indian Money Accounts, 1898-1925
Abstract of Individual Indian Moneys and Special Deposits, Sept. 30, 1918-Dec. 31, 1918
Abstract of Individual Indians Bank Accounts, Dec. 31, 1915-Dec. 31, 1918
Trial Balances for Individual Indian Accounts, 1910-1912
Individual Indian Money Authorizations, 1916-1929
Bank Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1908-1918
Accounts of Expenditures for Individual Indians, 1904-1928
Application for Expenditure of Funds for Individual Indians, Feb. 1908-Dec. 1910
Ledger of Applications for Expenditures, 1908-1911
Ledger of Withdrawals, 1904-1920
Registration Lists, 1905
Index to Allotment Sales, 1913-1915
Index to Annuity Records, 1924-1931
Records of Heirship Fees, 1919-1925
Records Related to Heirship Examinations (Records of W. O.
         Goodman Examiner of Inheritance), 1908-1926
Summaries of Estate Hearings (Estates & Heirship Hearings Worksheets), 1911-1929
Records Related to Bank Bonds, 1909-1928
Applications for Patents in Fee, 1906-1926
Plat Records, 1878-1915
Records Related to Timber Contracts, 1907-1922
Authorizations for Timber Sales, 1894-1905
Schedule & Voucher for Sales of Land or Timber, Mar. 31, 1917-Dec. 31, 1918

VI. Records of Tribal Resources

Records of Indian Allotment Lands, n.d.
Settlements of Estates, 1913-1920
Timber Contracts, Bad River, 1883-1920
Timber Contracts, Fond du Lac, 1884-1887
Timber Contracts, Lac Courte Oreilles, 1883-1898
Timber Contracts, Lac du Flambeau, 1886-1905
Timber Contracts, Red Cliff, 1882-1884
Records of Timber Cut, 1899-1923
Records of Timber Cruises, 1908-1913
Timber Estimates, 1912-1913
Scaling Book, 1886-1887
Monthly Statements of Timber Credits, 1894-1905
Survey of Timber on Indian Lands, n.d.
Ledgers of Timber and Land Accounts, 1895-1912
Records of Patents Issued and Approved, 1920-1930
Receipts for Patents, 1884-1905
Correspondence of Forester, 1914-1918

VII. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Monthly Sanitary Report of Diseases & Injuries, Mar. 21, 1896-Sept. 1901

VIII. Records Relating to Education

School Reports, 1873-1897
Applications for Enrollment at Nonreservation Schools, 1906-1926
Quarterly Report of School Employees, Mar. 1885-Mar. 1902

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