National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago)

Red Cliff Agency, Bayfield, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Administrative Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1908-1922
Circular Letters, 1910-1913
Records Related to the Wisconsin State Guard, 1918-1919

II. Administrative Records

Census Rolls, Red Cliff Chippewas, 1878-1935
Tribal Registration Cards, 1913-1915
Annual Reports, 1912-1915
Industrial Status Reports, 1917-1922
Property Accounts, 1912-1921
Employees Payroll, 1913-1916
Building Repair Ledger, 1913-1926
Records Related to Court Cases, 1905-1922

III. Financial Records

Correspondence Regarding Financial Accounts, 1919-1922
Registers of Financial Transactions, 1919-1921
Appropriation Ledgers, 1912-1922
Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917
Check Registers, 1917-1922

IV. Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Individual Indian Case Files, 1908-1920
Records Relating to Sale of Indian Lands, 1905-1922
Records of Indian Bank Accounts, 1913-1918
Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1897-1922
Transfer Ledgers, 1913-1918
Vouchers of Indian Money Accounts, 1906-1922
Journal of Sundry Payments to Indians, 1902-1908
Check Registers-Individual Indian Money, 1917-1922

V. Records Relating to Tribal Resources

Records Related to Timber Operations, 1901-1920
Scale Books of Logs Purchased, 1897-1911
Trial Balance Registers, 1897-1909

VI. Records Relating to Education

School Census Reports, 1912-1926
School Attendance Cards, 1923-1926

VII. CCC-ID Installation

Administrative Records
        Administrative Files, 1938-1942

VIII. Records of Tribal Corporation

Financial Records
        General Ledger, 1937-1954
        Cash Accounts, 1938-1954
        General Accounts Journals, 1937-1948
        Trial Balance Register, 1937-1948
        Ledger of Loan Repayments, 1937-1955

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