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Louisiana Purchase, April 30, 1803
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Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, New Mexico, and Minnesota are the states or parts of states that were carved from the territory ceded to the United States by this treaty. This agreement set the precedent of the Federal Government acquiring land by purchase.

The Louisiana Purchase agreement is made up of many documents—some in English, some in French. This is the French copy of the agreement ceding the territory to the United States. The initials, “P.F.” embroidered on the front and back covers, stand for “Peuple Français,” which translated means “French People.” With a flourish, Napoleon, First Consul of the French Republic, signed his name “Bonaparte” on the final page of the document and thus created a vast nation that could stand against Great Britain.

National Archives, General Records of the U.S. Government

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