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In Fiscal Year 2013, the GRS Team began a five year project to update and revise the General Records Schedules (GRS) under OMB/NARA M-12-18, Managing Government Records Directive. Over 80% of the old GRS is still operative. Eventually all of the old GRS will be superseded by the new GRS, but this is a gradual process playing out between now and 2017. The old GRS is annotated in each new Transmittal to identify items superseded by new schedules. Every old GRS item not so marked remains authoritative and can still be used to dispose of records. Please see the below charts for more details.

GRS Transmittal 26 is now available for use. 

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GRS Title Relates to Additional Documentation

1.0 Finance

GRS 1.1 Financial Management and Reporting Records  [PDF] [WORD] [CSV] Updated GRS 3
GRS 12

GRS 1.1 FAQs

GRS 1.1 Crosswalk

GRS 1.2 Grant and Cooperative Agreement Records  [PDF] [WORD] [CSV] GRS 3

GRS 1.2 FAQs

GRS 1.2 Crosswalk

GRS 1.3 Budgeting Records (not yet issued)    

2.0 Human Resources

GRS 2.1 Employee Acquisition Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.2 Employee Management Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.3 Employee Relations Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.4 Employee Compensation and Benefits Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.5 Employee Separation Records



GRS 2.5 FAQs

GRS 2.5 Crosswalk

GRS 2.6 Employee Training Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.7 Employee Health and Safety Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 2.8 Employee Ethics Records
[PDF] [WORD] [CSV] Updated
GRS 25

GRS 2.8 FAQs

GRS 2.8 Crosswalk

3.0 Technology

GRS 3.1 General Technology Management Records  [PDF] [WORD] [CSV]

GRS 16
GRS 20

GRS 24

GRS 3.1 FAQs

GRS 3.1 Crosswalk

GRS 3.2 Information Systems Security Records  [PDF] [WORD] [CSV] GRS 20 GRS 24


GRS 3.2 FAQs

GRS 3.2 Crosswalk


4.0 Information Management

GRS 4.1 Records Management Records

GRS 16

GRS 20

GRS 21

GRS 23

GRS 24

GRS 4.1 FAQs

GRS 4.1 Crosswalk

GRS 4.2 Information Access and Protection Records [PDF] [WORD] [CSV]Updated

GRS 14

GRS 18

GRS 23

GRS 27

GRS 4.2 FAQs

GRS 4.2 Crosswalk

GRS 4.3 Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies  [PDF] [WORD] [CSV] GRS 20


GRS 4.3 FAQs

GRS 4.3 Crosswalk


GRS 4.4 Library Records



GRS 4.4 FAQs

GRS 4.4 Crosswalk

5.0 General Operations Support

GRS 5.1 General Administrative Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.2 Continuity and Emergency Planning Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.3 Travel and Transportation Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.4 Facilities, Fleet and Equipment Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.5 Mail and Telecommunications Services Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.6 Security Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.7 Management Controls and Oversight Records (not yet issued)    
GRS 5.8 Internal Help Desk Services Records (not yet issued)    

6.0 Mission Support

GRS 6.1 Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach

[PDF] [WORD] [CSV]Updated


GRS 6.1 FAQs

NARA form 1005 (NA-1005),Verification for Implementing GRS 6.1
Note: Some browsers do not support viewing of PDF documents. For best results, use Firefox or Internet Explorer to open the form or download the form directly.

GRS 6.2 Federal Advisory Committee Records[PDF] [WORD] [CSV]  GRS 26

GRS 6.2 FAQs

GRS 6.2 Transfer Checklist

 GRS 6.2 Crosswalk


The following GRS are still available for use. Items that have been superseded by new GRS are noted in the schedule.

To see if a specific item has been superseded and what the new authority is you can also use the Old GRS Item to New GRS Item Crosswalk (XLSX).

The GRS Forms Index remains available for use.

GRS Title Relates to
GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records GRS 2.5
GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration Records GRS 2.5
GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records GRS 1.1
GRS 1.2
GRS 4 Property Disposal Records GRS 1.1
GRS 5 Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records  
GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records GRS 1.1
GRS 7 Expenditure Accounting Records GRS 1.1
GRS 8 Stores, Plant, and Cost Accounting Records GRS 1.1
GRS 9 Travel and Transportation Records GRS 1.1
GRS 10 Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Operations Records  
GRS 11 Space and Maintenance Records  
GRS 12 Communications Records GRS 1.1
GRS 13 Printing, Binding, Duplication, and Distribution Records  
GRS 14 Information Services Records GRS 4.2
GRS 15 Housing Records  
GRS 16 Administrative Management Records

GRS 3.1

GRS 4.1

GRS 17 Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records  
GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records GRS 4.2
GRS 20 Electronic Records

GRS 3.1
GRS 3.2

GRS 4.1

GRS 4.3

GRS 21 Audiovisual Records GRS 4.1
GRS 22 Inspector General Records (WITHDRAWN)  
GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies GRS 4.1
GRS 4.2
GRS 24 Information Technology Operations and Management Records

GRS 3.1

GRS 3.2

GRS 4.1

GRS 25 Ethics Program Records GRS 2.8
GRS 26 Temporary Commissions, Boards, Councils and Committees GRS 6.2
GRS 27 Records of the Chief Information Officer GRS 4.2

Last updated: September 6, 2016

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