Federal Records Management

General Records Schedules (GRS)

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  • AC Memo Announced the release of Transmittal 31
  • AC 25.2019 is a reminder that records management guidance is available for agencies implementing Executive Order 13875, titled "Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees.”
  • AC 26.2019 Approved NA-1005 Capstone forms have moved from GitHub and are now available on the Records Control Schedule (RCS)
  • GRS Status Updates  Updated

In which Transmittals were GRS schedules published? 

  • Public Affairs Records Scheduling Guide PDF
  • GRS Subject Index PDF
  • Forms Index PDF
  • Old GRS Item to New GRS Item Crosswalk (PDF) (Excel)
  • Table of new GRS that have been superseded by other new GRS items or rescinded
  • In which Transmittals were GRS schedules published? Table or PDF
  • Checklist for Implementing the GRS PDF
  • Download this Excel spreadsheet to assist in making notifications to the GRS Team
  • Federal Advisory Committee Records Transfer Checklist Word
  • NARA form 1005 ( NA-1005), Verification for Implementing GRS 6.1 (Note:  Some browsers do not support viewing of PDF documents. If the form still cannot be viewed, try downloading and saving it.)

Contact the GRS Team: GRS_Team@nara.gov