Federal Records Management

Records Management Instruction Support (ReMIS)

Records Management Instruction Support (ReMIS) is a free service provided by NARA's Records Management Training Program.  The goal of ReMIS is to provide Agency Records Officers with tools they need to design, develop and implement records management training in their agencies.  ReMIS experts provide consulting on records management training , design and development and access to NARA records management training materials.

Training Development Support

Mentoring and guidance around target audience needs, task analysis, lesson design and development, implementation, and evaluation for records management training.  ReMIS provides:

Lesson Repository:  Download the lessons you need to create your own training.  Load the as-is onto your Learning Management Systems or intranet, or use the source file as a starting point for developing your own training.

Check out our online Lesson Repository 

Recent Projects

NARA worked with the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration (BTFA) to develop a tailored version of RM Fundamentals, provided information on the training design and development process, and shared instructional tools and templates.  They will use ReMIS resources to develop and provide records management training to more than 500 agency staff at BTFA and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

How to request ReMIS

Set up a meeting to discuss your RM training design and development needs by sending an email to  rmt1@nara.gov