Federal Records Management

Records Management Training Catalog

NARA's Records Management Training Program provides innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective records management instruction to our learning community of Federal employees and contractors. Since October 1, 2018, all NARA Records Management training is free. We use a variety of tools and techniques through continuing education to foster government accountability, which includes making Federal records available, documenting the National Experience, and protecting legal rights. Training curriculum used in previous years are now available for download and use to continue training federal employees on the importance of Records Management. This catalog will contain the six "Areas of Knowledge" that are relevant to anyone responsible for managing federal records. In addition, we will provide a series of online briefings addressing a variety of records management topics which are recorded and posted for public use on NARA's YouTube Channel.

Knowledge Area Courses*

The catalog is still in development and some of the KA materials are not available yet. 
We will continue loading the materials for use as soon as possible.  Please keep checking back as we develop this page.

The following courses were part of the former NARA's Certificate in Federal Records Management.  Effective October 1, 2019, the NARA Certificate program is phasing out and we are exploring a new and improved Certificate program.   Details of the new Certificate program will be released later in the year.    However, you may download, print and even alter the documents to meet your agencies policies and procedures.   

Knowledge Area 1 (KA1) Records Management Overview

  • The Records Management Overview Course provides an overview of the purpose, concepts, and activities of managing Federal records. A high-level overview appropriate for those in managerial positions, the course focuses on recordkeeping roles, and how records management cuts across organizational lines. It introduces participants to new skills which are needed for records management in the 21st century.

Knowledge Area 4 (KA4) Records Schedule Implementation

  • The Records Schedule Implementation Course provides an overview of how to apply the General Records Schedules and other NARA-approved records schedules to Federal records. It covers the key elements of a records disposition program, including the destruction of temporary records, the transfer of records to off-site storage, and the transfer of permanent Federal records to the National Archives.

Knowledge Area 2 (KA2) Creating and Maintaining Agency Business Information

Knowledge Area 5 (KA5) Asset and Risk Management

  • The Asset and Risk Management Course provide essential support to our agency business processes, and the strategies used to manage the risks to those records can also help us manage risks to the organization. This course covers the fundamental risk management and cost-benefit analysis concepts Records Managers need as they build and maintain effective records management programs. The course raises awareness of risk situations and provides Records Managers with decision-making tools they can use to address current and future program needs.

Knowledge Area 3 (KA3) Records Scheduling

  • The Records Scheduling Course includes the legal requirements and practical advantages in scheduling records, as well as the disposition practices necessary to meet an agency's business needs and NARA's recordkeeping requirements.

Knowledge Area 6 (KA6) Records Management Program Development

  • The Records Management Program Development Course covers the concepts and practices involved in planning and implementing a successful records management program and subsequent evaluations of it. You will learn how to market and promote your program, including the development of effective training for all levels of agency staff.