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Records Management Training LogoNARA's National Records Management Training Program provides innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective records management instruction to our learning community of Federal employees and contractors. We use a variety of tools and techniques through continuing education to foster government accountability, which includes making Federal records available, documenting the National Experience, and protecting legal rights.

Training is delivered at NARA regional facilities, NARA Washington, DC, area facilities, other locations across the country and in online Virtual Classrooms. NARA's national training program includes courses in six "Areas of Knowledge" that are relevant to anyone responsible for managing Federal records and comprise NARA's Certificate in Federal Records Management Training Program. Other courses in the national curriculum include Basic Records Operations, Electronic Records Management and Vital Business Information. The Training Program also presents a series of online briefings addressing a variety of records management topics. These briefings are recorded and posted for public use on NARA's YouTube Channel.

For specific information on classes, as well as class schedules, please consult NARA's Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS).

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