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Records Management Training Videos and Webinars

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Code Title Description
V1.001 A How-To Guide for Completing NARA's Records Management Self Assessment

This briefing provides tips on completing the NARA Self Assessment.

Length: 23:43


Access Restrictions: Their Importance and Impact on the Transfer of Permanent Records

This briefing is part of a series discussing the importance and impact of transferring permanent records to NARA.

Length: 37:00

V1.003 Capstone Email Management Implementation: Technical Perspective

This briefing provides the technical aspects from various agencies on how they adopted the Capstone approach. 

Length: 1:14:26

V1.004 Capstone Legal Briefing

This briefing is intended for legal offices and federal agencies who are considering adopting the Capstone approach.

Length: 10:41

V1.005 Capstone: A New Approach to Managing Email Records

This briefing discusses the issuance of the Capstone approach by NARA based upon the Managing Government Records Directive which states all email records must be managed electronically by December 31, 2016.

Length: 1:17:40

V1.006 Capstone: A New Approach to Managing Email Records: NARA's Internal Implementation

This briefing is an informational session on how NARA implemented the Capstone approach and provides users with the necessary steps taken and NARA's lessons learned. 

Length: 43:39

V1.007 Capstone's Managers' Briefing 

This short briefing is intended for managers in federal agencies who would like to understand the Capstone approach.

Length: 10:38

V1.009 Summer School for Records Coordinators, What is an Inventory? :  Session 1 

This is the first in a four-part series on Records Series Inventory intended for records coordinators.  Session 1 will focus on how to plan and conduct an inventory.

Length: 5:51



Summer School for Records Coordinators, Planning the Inventory Session 2

This is the second in a four-part series on planning for the Inventory. 

Length: 7:19

V1.011 Summer School for Records Coordinators, Conducting the Inventory: Session 3

This is the third in a four-part series for records coordinators.  The focus will be conducting the inventory.


V1.012 Summer School for Records Coordinators, Next Steps and Followup: Session 4

This video is the 4th and final session designed for records coordinators and Inventory.

Length: 5:18

V1.013 Controlled Unclassified Information

This NARA briefing shares updates from the controlled unclassified program.

Length: 56:38

V1.014 Creating and Using File Plans

This webinar introduces the file plan as a useful tool in records management.  

Length: 47:44

V1.015 Discussion of Records Management Program Inspection Techniques

This briefing answers questions on the NARA oversight program.  

Length: 15:18

V1.016 Electronic Records Management 101: From Planning to Deployment

This briefing is presented by LEXMARK which discusses electronic records planning and deployment for Federal agencies.  

Length: 20:41

V1.021 Finding the Gaps: Locating and Reporting Unscheduled Records

This brief discusses Presidential Memorandum item 2.5 requirements which relate to unscheduled records.

Length: 28:00

V1.022 Folder Title List: Transferring Your Permanent Paper Records

This presentation discusses the "how" to transfer permanent records to NARA.


V1.023 Guidance on Managing Social Media Records

This seminar introduces and explains NARA guidance on media and social records.

Length: 43:37

V1.024 Let's Get Organized! Setting up your Electronic Files

This seminar offers tips on getting your electronic files organized.

Length: 25:31

V1.025 Managing Content on Shared Drives

Outline the records management implications, challenges and the benefits of organizing and managing content on shared drives.

Length: 41:38

V1.026 Records Management Guidance for Political Appointees

Describes the records management responsibilities political appointees should be aware of when entering, working in, and leaving Federal service.

Length: 5:46

V1.027 Records Management Training for Federal Agencies

This seminar discusses records management training available for federal agency records officers and other records management staff.

Length: 54:22

V1.028 The Case for Records Management: Issues for Legal Counsel - Part 1

This webinar discusses the key points in Federal statutory and regulatory requirements and legal specifics.

Length: 1:25:40

V1.029 The Case for Records Management: Issues for Legal Counsel - Part 2

This webinar discusses the role of legal counsel in a federal agency's record-keeping program.

Length: 1:12:58

V1.031 Transfer Guidance Revision Project: Identifying "Fit-for-Purpose" Formats

This webinar discusses the transfer guidance revision project.  The focus is on permanent records created in the federal government.

Length: 39:03


Withdrawing Permanent Federal Records from an FRC

This webinar discusses the steps in withdrawing permanent Federal records from an FRC.

Length: 41:08


Word of the Week: File Plan

This short webinar defines "File Plan"

Length: 6:08


Word of the Week: Lifecycle

This short webinar defines "Lifecycle"



Word of the Week: Nonrecord

This short webinar defines "Nonrecord"

Length: 6:35


Word of the Week: Personal Papers

This short webinar defines "Personal Papers"

Length: 2:51


Word of the Week: Record

This short webinar defines "Record"

Length: 5:01


Word of the Week: Records Schedule

This short webinar defines "Records Schedule"


V1.040 Chief FOIA Officers Council

The session provides updates on their charge to develop, identify and coordinate FOIA compliance and efficiency throughout the federal government.

Length: 1:18:49

V1.041 5 Things -to-Know

This video provides the Five things new federal employees need to know about their records management responsibilities when starting their federal employment.

Length: 2:40

V1.042 What is Capstone?

This short video defines the Capstone approach to email management.

Length: 0:01:09

V1.043 5 Things You Need to Know About Records Management for the Mid-Career Employee

This short video is a refresher for federal employees well into their careers, this short video reviews the five things they need to remember about their records management responsibilities.

Length: 4:07

V1.046  What is a Records Schedule? 

This short video describes the purpose and elements of a records schedule.

Length: 4:30


(described version)

What is a Records Schedule? 

This short video describes the purpose and elements of a records schedule. This version includes an audio description. 

Length: 7:40

V1.047 What is Records Management Instructional Support (ReMIS)?

This short video describes the scope of NARA's Records Management Instruction Support (ReMIS) service . ReMIS is a free service provided by NARA’s Records Management Training Program to assist Agency Records Officers by providing consulting on records management training, design and development and access to NARA records management training materials.

Length:  4:27

V1.048 5 Things You Need to Know About Records Management for the Exiting Employee

This video is a refresher for federal employees who are transitioning from an agency.  It reviews five key things employees need to remember about their records management responsibilities to ensure continuity with their agency records after they have gone.

Length: 3:06