Federal Records Management

Records Management Job Aids

This page contains job aids that may be downloaded from this page. Select the title of the file to download it.

Code Title Description Date Updated
JA1.001 Search For Records For FOIA This short job aid will walk you through the basic process records managers and others follow when searching for records to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. 3/8/2021
JA1.002 RM Terms For FOIA Teams This tip sheet introduces a series of common records management terms that may be helpful to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) professionals. 3/8/2021
JA1.003 Tip Sheet- RIM and FOIA Working Together This tip sheet lists key records management and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) tools which may be helpful to both programs. 3/8/2021
JA2.001 Identify Specific Metadata  How to identify specific metadata to manage eRecords 3/9/2020
JA2.002 Establish Naming Conventions for Electronic Records How to establish naming conventions for eRecords 3/9/2020
JA2.003 Manage Shared Drives How to manage shared drives 3/9/2020
JA2.004 Implement Local Recordkeeping Systems How to implement recordkeeping systems 3/9/2020
JA2.005 Planning Digitization Projects How to plan for digitization projects 3/9/2020
JA2.006 Implement Updates to Records Schedules How to update Records Schedules 10/16/2023
JA2.007 Identify Unscheduled Records Synthesized How to identify unscheduled records 3/9/2020
JA2.008 Coordinating Disposition and Taking Actions for Temporary Records How to coordinate and take specific steps for temporary records 3/9/2020
JA2.009 Coordinate Secure Destruction of Temporary Records How to coordinate the secure destruction of temporary records 3/9/2020
JA2.010 Oversee Authorized Destruction of Federal Records How to oversee the authorized destruction of Federal Records 3/10/2020
JA2.011 Transfer Records via the Annual Move How to transfer records during the Annual Move 3/10/2020
JA2.012 Transfer Permanent AV Records to NARA How to transfer permanent AV records to NARA 3/10/2020
JA2.013 Use a Permanent Disposition Plan to Transfer Archival Records to NARA using the Direct Offer Process How to use your disposition plan to transfer records to NARA using the Direct Offer Process 3/10/2020
JA2.014  How to Align an ERA Transfer Request and NA-14130 This job aid will help you ensure that you have collected and provided all the information needed as you transfer classified permanent records to NARA. 3/14/2022