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This page contains newly developed resources that can be downloaded.   Select the title of the file and download it. 

Code Title Description Date Updated
R1-001 Is it a Record? Flowcharts Two "is it a record" flowcharts guide the user through a series of questions to determine whether information is or is not a record. 5/5/2021
R1-002 First Steps for New Agency Records Officers This one-page document walks you through a few first steps to take as a new Agency Records Officer (ARO) to set yourself and your records management program up for success. 5/5/2021
R1-003 Get to Know Your ARO This one page tip sheet reviews some of the key functions an Agency Records Officer (ARO) performs.  New records managers will want to connect with their AROs and agency records management teams to learn how they fit into the agency's records management program. 5/5/2021
R1-004 First Steps for New Records Contacts This one page tip sheet suggests a few steps the new records management contact might take to make a successful start in their role as records liaison, custodian, coordinator, or manager.  5/5/2021
R1-005 How do we decide how long records are kept? This one page tip sheet, which is geared toward someone who is new to records management, gives a very brief overview of the federal records scheduling process. 5/5/2021
R1-006 Tip Sheets: Permanent and Temporary Records, Non-Records and Personal Files This set of tip sheets gives a basic introduction to the fundamental characteristics of temporary and permanent records, non-records and personal files. 5/5/2021
R1-010 Recommended Meetings for Newly Appointed SAORMs This tip sheet provides new SAORMs with essential first steps to take. 10/14/2022
R1-011 Recommended Reports for Newly Appointed SAORMs This quick guide introduces four key reports which will help new SAORMs get up to speed with federal records management topics. 10/14/2022
R1-012 About Records Express This one-page guide introduces you to NARA's Records Express blog, which is a key source of information about federal records management. 10/14/2022