Federal Records Management

GRS Status Updates

As of June 10, 2020

Schedule Nature of the Change Status Projected Issuance
GRS 4.5, Digitizing Records - NEW schedule New schedule that covers original source records and digitization project records (superseding GRS 4.1, item 050). Drafted To be determined
  GRS 5.2, Transitory & Intermediary Records revision Revisions related to moving input/source records to GRS 4.5. Drafted To be determined
  GRS 5.6, Security Records modification

Modification to further clarify that the schedule excludes records related to law enforcement activities.

Drafted Summer 2020
GRS 5.7, Agency Accountability Records revision (DAA-GRS-2020-0001) A schedule revision to clarify that the items apply only to administrative housekeeping related management activities, not mission-related activities such as agency strategic planning and performance management.

Title is changing to Administrative Management & Oversight Records.
Internal review; Federal Register publication forthcoming Summer 2020