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Available NARA Assistance in Records Recovery, Records Management, and Information Security

The following are five points of contact for national and local records recovery, records management, and information security advice from NARA:

  1. For advice and assistance on records recovery issues, please contact Doris Hamburg, NARA's Director of Preservation Programs on 301-837-1785 or via email at or Pamela Najar-Simpson on 301-837-0938, 301-974-4592 or via email at

  2. For advice and assistance on emergency disposal and other records management issues, please contact the appraisal archivist assigned to your agency. Please see list of agency staff assignments and points of contact.

  3. For advice and assistance on issues concerning classified national security information, please contact William (Bill) Cira of the Information Security Oversight Office (AISOO) on 202-357-5323 or via email at

  4. For Records Management advice and assistance in a regional office, please contact the regional NARA office in your area. A list of regional office contacts can be found online (

Authority to Destroy Contaminated Records Constituting a Menace to Health, Life, or Property under Specific Conditions.

NARA must approve the emergency destruction of records, but to expedite approval agency officials can complete Sections One of the Emergency Records Recovery/Disposal Form or they can email or call NARA staff listed on the attached contact list. NARA will review the request and respond quickly to the request.

44 USC 3106 states that heads of agencies must notify the Archivist of the destruction of records and there are reporting requirements in 36 CFR 1228.104. In lieu of those standard reporting requirements, agencies may complete Section One of the Emergency Records Recovery/Disposal Form and under "Damage" indicate that the records have been destroyed by flood, fire, building collapse, etc. This report should also be forwarded to NARA (NWML) within 30 days of the discovery of the destroyed records.

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