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Foreign Relations of the U.S. (FRUS) - Serial Set Correlation Table: 1900-1919

Year/part Serial Set number SuDoc number Volume title CIS number
19004069S 1.1:1900 CIS Serial Set fiche 4069
1900-191810269S 1.1/b:1900-1918General, 1900-1918CIS Serial Set fiche 10269
19014268S 1.1:1901 CIS Serial Set fiche 4268
1901/app.4268S 1.1:1901/app.Affairs in China. Report of Willian W. Rockhill, late Commissioner to China, with accompanying documentsCIS Serial Set fiche 4268
19024440S 1.1:1902 CIS Serial Set fiche 4440
1902/app.14441S 1.1:1902/app.Whaling and Sealing Claims against Russia, on account of arrest and seizure of the American vessels "Cape Horn Pigeon," "James Hamilton Lewis." "C. H. White," and "Kate and Anna"CIS Serial Set fiche 4441
1902/app.24442S 1.1:1902/app.2United States vs. Mexico, in the Matter of the Case of the Pious Fund of the CaliforniasCIS Serial Set fiche 4442
19034627S 1.1:1903 CIS Serial Set fiche 4627
19044780S 1.1:1904 CIS Serial Set fiche 4780
19054941S 1.1:1905 CIS Serial Set fiche 4941
1906/pt.15104/1S 1.1:1906/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 5104/1
1906/pt.25104/2S 1.1:1906/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 5104/2
1907/pt.15270/1S 1.1:1907/pt.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 5270/1
1907/pt.25270/2S 1.1:1907/pt.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 5207/2
19085411S 1.1:1908 CIS Serial Set fiche 5411
19095704S 1.1:1909 CIS Serial Set fiche 5704
19105945S 1.1:1910 CIS Serial Set fiche 5945
19116183S 1.1:1911 CIS Serial Set fiche 6183
19126367S 1.1:1912 CIS Serial Set fiche 6367
19136598S 1.1:1913 CIS Serial Set fiche 6598
19146786S 1.1:1914 CIS Serial Set fiche 6786
1914/supp.8582S 1.1:1914/supp.1914 Supplement, The World WarCIS Serial Set fiche 8582
1914-192010034-1S 1.1/c:v.1The Lansing Papers, 1914-1920, volume 1.CIS Serial Set fiche 10034-1
1914-192010034-2S 1.1/c:v.2The Lansing Papers, 1914-1920, volume 2.CIS Serial Set fiche 10034-2
19156955S 1.1:1915 CIS Serial Set fiche 6955
1915/supp.8583S 1.1:1915/supp.1915 Supplement, The World WarCIS Serial Set fiche 8583
19167127S 1.1:1916 CIS Serial Set fiche 7127
1916/supp.8738S 1.1:1916/supp.1916 Supplement, The World WarCIS Serial Set fiche 8738
19177331S 1.1:1917 CIS Serial Set fiche 7331
1917/supp.19037/pt.1S 1.1:1917/supp.11917 Supplement 1, The World WarCIS Serial Set fiche 9037/pt.1
1917/supp.2/pt.19037/pt.2S1.1:1917/supp.2/pt.11917 Supplement 2, The World War, volume 1CIS Serial Set fiche 9037/pt.2
1917/supp.2/pt.29037/pt.3S 1.1:1917/supp.2/pt.21917 Supplement 2, The World War, volume 2CIS Serial Set fiche 9037/pt.3
19187470-1S 1.1:1918 CIS Serial Set fiche 7470-1
1918/supp.1/pt.19388S 1.1:1918/supp.1/pt.11918, Supplement 1, The World War, volume 1CIS Serial Set fiche 9388
1918/supp.1/pt.29389S 1.1:1918/supp.1/pt.21918 Supplement 1, The World War, volume 2CIS Serial Set fiche 9389
1918/supp.29390S 1.1:1918/supp.21918 Supplement 2, The World WarCIS Serial Set fiche 9390
1918, Russia/v.17470-2S1.1:1918/2/Russia/v.1 1918, Russia, volume 1, Political Affairs and Diplomatic RelationsCIS Serial Set fiche 7470-2
1918, Russia/v.27470-3S 1.1:1918/2/Russia/v.2 1918, Russia, volume 2, Disintegration and Foreign InterventionCIS Serial Set fiche 7470-3
1918, Russia/v.37470-4S 1.1:1918/2/Russia/v.3 1918, Russia, volume 3, Economic RelationsCIS Serial Set fiche 7470-4
1919/v.17673-1S 1.1:1919/v.1 CIS Serial Set fiche 7673-1
1919/v.27673-2S 1.1:1919/v.2 CIS Serial Set fiche 7673-2
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.110699S 1.1:1919/3/v.1 Paris Peace Conference, volume 1CIS Serial Set fiche 10699
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.210700S 1.1:1919/3/v.2 Paris Peace Conference, volume 2CIS Serial Set fiche 10700
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.310701S 1.1:1919/3/v.3 Paris Peace Conference, volume 3CIS Serial Set fiche 10701
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.410702S 1.1:191/3/v.4 Paris Peace Conference, volume 4CIS Serial Set fiche 10702
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.510703S 1.1:1919/3/v.5 Paris Peace Conference, volume 5CIS Serial Set fiche 10703
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.610704S 1.1:1919/3/v.6 Paris Peace Conference, volume 6CIS Serial Set fiche 10704
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.710799S 1.1:1919/3/v.7 Paris Peace Conference, volume 7CIS Serial Set fiche 10799
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.810800S 1.1:1919/3/v.8 Paris Peace Conference, volume 8CIS Serial Set fiche 10800
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.910801S 1.1:1919/3/v.9 Paris Peace Conference, volume 9CIS Serial Set fiche 10801
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.1010886S 1.1:1919/3/v.10 Paris Peace Conference, volume 10CIS Serial Set fiche 10886
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.1110802S 1.1:1919/3/v.11 Paris Peace Conference, volume 11CIS Serial Set fiche 10802
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.1210887S 1.1:1919/3/v.12 Paris Peace Conference, volume 12CIS Serial Set fiche 10887
1919/Paris Peace Conf./v.1311064S 1.1:1919/3/v.13 Paris Peace Conference, volume 13CIS Serial Set fiche 11064
1919/Russia7673-3S 1.1:1919/2/Russia1919, RussiaCIS Serial Set fiche 7673-3

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