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Established: By the War Labor Administrator (Secretary of Labor) on advice of his advisory council, May 13, 1918. Composed of representatives of the Labor, War, Navy, and Agriculture Departments; the War Industries Board; the U.S. Shipping Board; the Emergency Fleet Corporation; the Railroad, Food, and Fuel Administrations; and the Committee on Public Information. Functions: Formulated uniform policies for war labor administration. Promoted better housing conditions for war workers. After the Armistice, considered proposals for canceling government contracts and for demobilization, and made studies of domestic and foreign wartime labor conditions and of labor policies relating to immediate postwar conditions in the United States.

Abolished: March 1919.

Finding Aids: Mary Walton Livingston and Leo Pascal, comps., Preliminary Inventory of the War Labor Policies Board Records, PI 4 (1943).

Subject Access Terms: World War I agency.

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12 lin. ft.

Textual Records: Minutes of the board, May 29, 1918-February 11, 1919. Minutes of committees, June-July 1918. Correspondence of Chairman Felix Frankfurter and Executive Secretary George L. Bell, May 1918-February 1919; business adviser Herbert F. Perkins, June-December 1918; and economic expert (reconstruction adviser) Walton H. Hamilton, June-November 1918. Correspondence with state officials on labor standards, August 1918-January 1919. Articles and editorials from selected publications reflecting public attitudes toward the War Labor Policies Board and war labor problems ("Daily Digest"), July 2, 1918-February 4, 1919. "Information File" relating to war labor policies and problems, and consisting of digests of books and periodicals, August-November 1918; bulletins and releases by various agencies and organizations; press clippings, June-October 1918; and lists of newspapers, June-November 1918.

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