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Combinations of related record groups arranged by main topic:

Affiliated Archives NA-CP 404 U.S. Military Academy
405 U.S. Naval Academy
Agriculture NA-CP 7 Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
8 Bureau of Agricultural Engineering
16 Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
17 Bureau of Animal Industry
33 Extension Service
54 Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering
83 Bureau of Agricultural Economics
95 Forest Service
96 Farmers Home Administration
97 Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry
103 Farm Credit Administration
114 Natural Resources Conservation Service
124 Surplus Marketing Administration
136 Agricultural Marketing Service
145 Farm Service Agency
152 Bureau of Dairy Industry
161 Commodity Credit Corporation
164 Cooperative State Research Service
166 Foreign Agricultural Service
176 Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics
221 Rural Electrification Administration
224 Office of Labor (War Food Administration)
258 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
310 Agricultural Research Service
314 Agricultural Cooperative Service
354 Economic Research Service
355 National Agricultural Statistics Service
445 Rural Development Service
462 Food and Consumer Services
463 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
540 Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
545 Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration
Air Force NA-CP


Army Air Forces
243 U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey
340 Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
341 Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff)
342 U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations
American Indian NAB


Bureau of Indian Affairs
279 Indian Claims Commission
435 Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Commerce NA-CP


General Records of the Department of Commerce
81 U.S. International Trade Commission
91 Inland Waterways Corporation
122 Federal Trade Commission
134 Interstate Commerce Commission
151 Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
169 Foreign Economic Administration
173 Federal Communications Commission
179 War Production Board
188 Office of Price Administration
234 Reconstruction Finance Corporation
240 Smaller War Plants Corporation
250 Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion
251 Price Decontrol Board
259 Board of War Communications
277 National Production Authority
295 Office of Price Stabilization
296 General Records of the Economic Stabilization Agency
309 Small Business Administration
375 Bureau of Economic Analysis
377 U.S. Travel and Tourism Administration
378 Economic Development Administration
417 National Telecommunications and Information Administration
424 Consumer Product Safety Commission
426 Office of Foreign Direct Investments
427 Minority Business Development Agency
432 Economic Stabilization Programs, 1971-1974
476 Bureau of Export Administration
486 Trade and Development Program
489 International Trade Administration
DC Government NAB 42 Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital
66 Commission of Fine Arts
132 Rent Commission of the District of Columbia
302 National Capital Housing Authority
328 National Capital Planning Commission
351 Government of the District of Columbia
418 St. Elizabeths Hospital
Defense NA-CP 218 U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
225 Joint Army and Navy Boards and Committees
226 Office of Strategic Services
238 National Archives Collection of World War II War Crimes Records
242 National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized
262 Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service
263 Central Intelligence Agency
330 Office of the Secretary of Defense
333 International Military Agencies
334 Interservice Agencies
349 Joint Commands
361 Defense Logistics Agency
371 Defense Information Systems Agency
372 Defense Contract Audit Agency
373 Defense Intelligence Agency
374 Defense Nuclear Agency
446 Defense Investigative Service
456 Defense Mapping Agency
457 National Security Agency/Central Security Service
505 On-Site Inspection Agency
506 Defense Commissary Agency
507 Defense Finance and Accounting Service
509 Department of Defense Inspector General
518 U.S. Central Command
524 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
525 National Reconnaissance Office
528 U.S. Atlantic Command
529 U.S. Pacific Command
530 U.S. Southern Command
531 U.S. European Command
532 U.S. Space Command
533 U.S. Special Operations Command
534 U.S. Transportation Command
535 U.S. Strategic Command
537 National Imagery and Mapping Agency
558 Defense Contract Management Agency
565 Missile Defense Agency
Donated Materials NA-CP Former 200 National Archives Gift Collection
Former 401 National Archives Collection of Materials Relating to Polar Regions
Former 421 National Trust for Historic Preservation
Education/ Culture NA-CP 12 Office of Education
106 Smithsonian Institution
288 National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
290 Vocational Rehabilitation Administration
419 National Institute of Education
441 General Records of the Department of Education
508 Scholarship and Fellowship Granting Foundations
536 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
538 United States Holocaust Memorial Council and Museum
Energy NA-CP 138 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
245 Solid Fuels Administration for War
253 Petroleum Administration for War
326 Atomic Energy Commission
415 Office of Oil and Gas
430 Energy Research and Development Administration
431 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
434 General Records of the Department of Energy
542 United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation
EOP/Presidential Agencies NA-CP 44 Office of Government Reports
51 Office of Management and Budget
130 White House Office
212 Committee for Congested Production Areas
273 National Security Council
303 National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development
359 Office of Science and Technology
364 Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
429 Organizations in the Executive Office of the President
459 Council of Economic Advisers
Genealogical NA-B 15 Veterans Administration
28 Post Office Department
29 Bureau of the Census
49 Bureau of Land Management
59 General Records of the Department of State
85 Immigration and Naturalization Service
117 American Battle Monuments Commission
147 Selective Service System, 1940-
163 Selective Service System (World War I)
210 War Relocation Authority
231 U.S. Soldiers' Home
General Government NA-CP 64 National Archives and Records Administration
121 Public Buildings Service
137 Federal Supply Service
146 U.S. Civil Service Commission
171 Office of Civilian Defense
214 Office for Emergency Management
216 Office of Censorship
220 Temporary Committees, Commissions, and Boards
230 U.S. War Ballot Commission
246 Office of Contract Settlement
264 Commissions on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government
269 General Records of the General Services Administration
270 War Assets Administration
272 President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
281 Renegotiation Board
291 Federal Property Resources Service
304 Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
311 Federal Emergency Management Agency
324 Board on Geographic Names
339 Federal Election Commission
352 Information Resources Management Service
396 Office of Emergency Preparedness
397 Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
437 National Fire Prevention and Control Administration
451 Administrative Conference of the United States
458 Postal Rate Commission
474 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
479 Merit Systems Protection Board
481 Office of the Special Counsel (MSPB)
478 Office of Personnel Management
480 Federal Labor Relations Authority
488 U.S. Postal Service
522 Office of Government Ethics
541 Assassination Records Review Board
Health/Human Services NA-CP 47 Social Security Administration
88 Food and Drug Administration
90 Public Health Service, 1912-1968
215 Office of Community War Services
235 General Records of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
292 Administration for Children and Families
363 Social and Rehabilitation Service
381 Community Services Administration
439 Administration on Aging
440 Health Care Financing Administration
443 National Institutes of Health
468 General Records of the Department of Health and Human Services
510 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
511 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration
512 Health Resources and Services Administration
513 Indian Health Service
514 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
Homeland Security NA-CP 563 Department of Homeland Security
Housing/Urban Affairs NA-CP 31 Federal Housing Administration
196 Public Housing Administration
207 General Records of the Department of Housing and Urban Development
252 Office of the Housing Expediter
294 Federal National Mortgage Association
543 Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
Interior/ Environmental NA-CP 22 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
48 Office of the Secretary of the Interior
55 Government of the Virgin Islands
57 U.S. Geological Survey
70 U.S. Bureau of Mines
79 National Park Service
115 Bureau of Reclamation
126 Office of Territories
139 Dominican Customs Receivership
140 Military Government of Cuba
141 Military Government of Veracruz
185 Panama Canal
186 Spanish Governors of Puerto Rico
187 National Resources Planning Board
193 Commissioner of Railroads
199 Provisional Government of Cuba
232 Petroleum Administrative Board
312 Petroleum Administration for Defense
315 Interagency Committees and Councils Coordinating Water Use Programs
320 Office of Minerals Exploration
323 Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
327 Defense Electric Power Administration
350 Bureau of Insular Affairs
368 Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service
380 Office of Saline Water
382 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration
409 Public Land Law Review Commission
412 Environmental Protection Agency
452 American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
471 Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
473 Minerals Management Service
515 Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)/Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Division
Judicial NAB 21 District Courts of the United States
116 Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
123 U.S. Court of Claims
172 U.S. Commerce Court
205 Court of Claims Section (Justice)
267 Supreme Court of the United States
276 U.S. Courts of Appeals
308 U.S. Tax Court
482 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
502 U.S. Court of Federal Claims
503 U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
504 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
516 Federal Judicial Center
521 United States Court of Veterans Appeals
Justice/ Law Enforcement NA-CP 10 National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement
60 General Records of the Department of Justice
65 Federal Bureau of Investigation
118 U.S. Attorneys and Marshals
129 Bureau of Prisons
131 Office of Alien Property
170 Drug Enforcement Administration
204 Office of the Pardon Attorney
206 Solicitor of the Treasury
209 Prison Industries Reorganization Administration
299 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States
325 Committee on Government Contract Compliance
379 Community Relations Service
403 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
423 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
436 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
438 U.S. Parole Commission
449 Independent Counsels
453 Commission on Civil Rights
460 Watergate Special Prosecution Force
477 U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
523 National Drug Intelligence Center
527 United States Marshals Service
539 United States Sentencing Commission
562 Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia
Labor NA-CP 13 National Mediation Board
25 National Labor Relations Board
86 Women's Bureau
100 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
102 Children's Bureau
155 Wage and Hour Division
174 General Records of the Department of Labor
183 Office of Employment Security
202 National War Labor Board (World War II)
211 War Manpower Commission
228 Committee on Fair Employment Practice
236 Wage Adjustment Board
244 Retraining and Reemployment Administration
254 Shipbuilding Stabilization Committee
257 Bureau of Labor Statistics
271 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
280 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
293 Wage and Salary Stabilization Boards of the Economic Stabilization Agency
300 Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
317 Labor-Management Services Administration
386 Employees' Compensation Appeals Board
369 Employment and Training Administration
390 Neighborhood Youth Corps
433 Mine Safety and Health Administration
448 General Records of the Employment Standards Administration
455 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
465 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
470 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
Legislative NAB 46 U.S. Senate
128 Joint Committees of Congress
233 U.S. House of Representatives
287 Publications of the U.S. Government
297 Library of Congress
329 Papers of Members of Congress
411 General Accounting Office
444 Office of Technology Assessment
519 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
520 Congressional Budget Office
Legislative at College Park NA-CP 144 Temporary National Economic Committee
148 Exposition, Anniversary, and Memorial Commissions
149 Government Printing Office
287 Publications of the U.S. Government
411 General Accounting Office
Maritime NAB 26 U.S. Coast Guard
32 U.S. Shipping Board
36 U.S. Customs Service
41 Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation
157 Maritime Labor Board
178 U.S. Maritime Administration
248 War Shipping Administration
357 Maritime Administration
358 Federal Maritime Commission
Miscellaneous NAB 11 General Records of the U.S. Government
217 Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury
274 Presidential Inaugural Committees
360 Continental and Confederation Congresses and the Constitutional Convention
Modern Army NA-CP 77 Office of the Chief of Engineers
92 Office of the Quartermaster General
107 Office of the Secretary of War
111 Office of the Chief Signal Officer
112 Office of the Surgeon General (Army)
120 American Expeditionary Forces (World War I)
153 Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army)
156 Office of the Chief of Ordnance
159 Office of the Inspector General (Army)
160 Headquarters Army Service Forces
165 War Department General and Special Staffs
168 National Guard Bureau
175 Chemical Warfare Service
177 Chiefs of Arms
203 Chief of Finance (Army)
247 Office of the Chief of Chaplains
260 U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II
319 Army Staff
331 Allied Operational and Occupation Headquarters, World War II
332 U.S. Theaters of War, World War II
335 Office of the Secretary of the Army
336 Office of the Chief of Transportation
337 Headquarters Army Ground Forces
338 U.S. Army Commands, 1942-
389 Office of the Provost Marshal General, 1941-
391 U.S. Regular Army Mobile Units, 1821-1942
394 U.S. Army Continental Commands, 1920-1942
395 U.S. Army Overseas Operations and Commands, 1898-1942
407 Adjutant General's Office, 1917-
410 Office of the Chief of Support Services
472 U.S. Forces in Southeast Asia, 1950-1975
492 Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army
493 U.S. Forces in the China-Burma-India Theaters of Operation
494 U.S. Army Forces in the Middle Pacific (World War II)
495 Headquarters, U.S. Army Forces, Western Pacific (World War II)
496 General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area and U.S. Army Forces, Pacific (World War II)
497 Africa-Middle East Theater of Operations (World War II)
498 Headquarters, European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army (World War II)
499 U.S. Army Defense Commands (World War II)
544 U.S. Army Materiel Command
546 U.S. Army Continental Command
547 U.S. Army Forces in Alaska
548 U.S. Army Forces in the Caribbean
549 U.S. Army, Europe
550 U.S. Army, Pacific
551 U.S. Army Military District of Washington
552 Military Traffic Management Command (Army)
553 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
554 General Headquarters, Far East Command, Supreme Commander Allied Powers, and United Nations Command
555 U.S. Army Forces Command
Modern Navy NA-CP 19 Bureau of Ships
24 Bureau of Naval Personnel
38 Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
52 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
71 Bureau of Yards and Docks
72 Bureau of Aeronautics
74 Bureau of Ordnance
80 General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1798-1947
125 Judge Advocate General (Navy)
127 U.S. Marine Corps
143 Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (Navy)
181 Naval Districts and Shore Establishments
289 Naval Intelligence Command
298 Office of Naval Research
313 Naval Operating Forces
343 Naval Air Systems Command
344 Naval Ship Systems Command
345 Naval Electronic Systems Command
346 Naval Ordnance Systems Command
347 Naval Supply Systems Command
384 Chief of Naval Material
385 Naval Facilities Engineering Command
402 Bureau of Naval Weapons
428 General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1947-
526 Naval Criminal Investigative Service
New Deal/ Great Depression NA-CP 9 National Recovery Administration
20 Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Trade
35 Civilian Conservation Corps
68 U.S. Coal Commission
69 Work Projects Administration
73 President's Organization on Unemployment Relief
89 Federal Fuel Distributor
119 National Youth Administration
133 Federal Coordinator of Transportation
135 Public Works Administration
150 National Bituminous Coal Commission, 1935-1936
162 General Records of the Federal Works Agency
222 Bituminous Coal Division
223 Office of the Bituminous Coal Consumers' Counsel
Old Army NAB 77 Office of the Chief of Engineers
92 Office of the Quartermaster General
93 War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records
94 Adjutant General's Office, 1780's-1917
98 U.S. Army Commands, 1784-1821
105 Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands
107 Office of the Secretary of War
108 Headquarters of the Army
109 War Department Collection of Confederate Records
110 Provost Marshal General's Bureau (Civil War)
111 Office of the Chief Signal Officer
112 Office of the Surgeon General (Army)
153 Office of the Judge Advocate General (Army)
156 Office of the Chief of Ordnance
159 Office of the Inspector General (Army)
191 War Department Claims Board
213 Foreign Claims Section (War)
249 Commissary General of Prisoners
391 U.S. Regular Army Mobile Units, 1821-1942
392 U.S. Army Coast Artillery Districts and Defenses, 1901-1942
393 U.S. Army Continental Commands, 1821-1920
395 U.S. Army Overseas Operations and Commands, 1898-1942
407 Adjutant General's Office, 1917-
Old Army at College Park NA-CP 18 Army Air Forces
99 Office of the Paymaster General
165 War Department General and Special Staffs
168 National Guard Bureau
177 Chiefs of Arms
192 Office of the Commissary General of Subsistence
203 Office of the Chief of Finance (Army)
247 Office of the Chief of Chaplains
Old Navy NAB 19 Bureau of Ships
24 Bureau of Naval Personnel
37 Hydrographic Office
38 Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
45 Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library
52 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
71 Bureau of Yards and Docks
72 Bureau of Aeronautics
74 Bureau of Ordnance
78 U.S. Naval Observatory
80 General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1798-1947
125 Office of the Judge Advocate General (Navy)
127 U.S. Marine Corps
143 Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (Navy)
181 Naval Districts and Shore Establishments
313 Naval Operating Forces
Regional Archives NA-CP 115 Bureau of Reclamation
142 Tennessee Valley Authority
184 Railroad Retirement Board
201 Western Area Power Administration
284 Government of American Samoa
305 Bonneville Power Administration
321 U.S. Court of International Trade
322 Alaska Railroad
323 Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
387 Southwestern Power Administration
388 Southeastern Power Administration
414 Regional Committees, Commissions, and Boards
442 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
447 Alaska Power Administration
461 U.S. Air Force Academy
556 Presidio Trust
Science/ Technology NA-CP 23 U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
27 Weather Bureau
167 National Institute of Standards and Technology
227 Office of Scientific Research and Development
241 Patent and Trademark Office
255 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
307 National Science Foundation
370 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
422 National Technical Information Service
State/ Foreign Affairs NA-CP 43 International Conferences, Commissions, and Expositions
59 General Records of the Department of State
76 Boundary and Claims Commissions and Arbitrations
84 Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State
208 Office of War Information
229 Office of Inter-American Affairs
239 American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas
256 American Commission to Negotiate Peace
261 Former Russian Agencies
268 Philippine War Damage Commission
278 Displaced Persons Commission
286 Agency for International Development
306 U.S. Information Agency
316 Japan-United States Friendship Commission
353 Interdepartmental and Intradepartmental Committees (State Department)
383 U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
420 Overseas Private Investment Corporation
454 Inter-American Foundation
466 U.S. High Commissioner for Germany
469 US. Foreign Assistance Agencies, 1948-1961
475 American Institute in Taiwan
487 African Development Foundation
490 Peace Corps
517 Board for International Broadcasting
Transportation NA-CP 30 Bureau of Public Roads
197 Civil Aeronautics Board
198 Board of Investigation and Research -- Transportation
219 Office of Defense Transportation
237 Federal Aviation Administration
367 St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
398 General Records of the Department of Transportation
399 Federal Railroad Administration
400 National Transportation Safety Board
406 Federal Highway Administration
408 Federal Transit Administration
416 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
464 U.S. Railway Association
467 Research and Special Programs Administration (Transportation)
557 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
560 Transportation Security Administration
Treasury/ Revenue/ Finance NA-CP 34 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
39 Bureau of Accounts (Treasury)
50 Treasurer of the United States
53 Bureau of the Public Debt
56 General Records of the Department of the Treasury
58 Internal Revenue Service
82 Federal Reserve System
87 U.S. Secret Service
101 Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
104 U.S. Mint
180 Commodity Futures Trading Corporation
195 Federal Home Loan Bank Board
217 Accounting Officers of the Treasury
265 Office of Foreign Assets Control
266 Securities and Exchange Commission
275 Export-Import Bank of the United States
318 Bureau of Engraving and Printing
365 Treasury Department Collection of Confederate Records
366 Civil War Special Agencies of the Treasury Department
413 National Credit Union Administration
425 Financial Management Service
483 Office of Thrift Supervision
484 Resolution Trust Corporation
485 Federal Housing Finance Board
559 Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
564 Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau
World War I Emergency Agencies NA-CP 1 War Labor Policies Board
2 National War Labor Board (World War I)
3 U.S. Housing Corporation
4 U.S. Food Administration
5 U.S. Grain Corporation
6 U.S. Sugar Equalization Board, Inc.
14 U.S. Railroad Administration
61 War Industries Board
62 Council of National Defense
63 Committee on Public Information
67 U.S. Fuel Administration
113 Allied Purchasing Commission
154 War Finance Corporation
158 Capital Issues Committee
182 War Trade Board
190 Bureau of War Risk Litigation
194 War Minerals Relief Commission