Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)

Mission and Goals


ALIC, the Archives Library Information Center, exists to provide staff and researchers ready access to the background and context information necessary to describe, organize, and access the essential evidence in NARA records.


  1. Ensure easy access to essential evidence
    • Online Public Access Catalog:
      • Cataloging current library materials within ten working days of receipt.
      • Catalog and barcode government documents backlog.
      • Enhance catalog - cleanup.
      • Enhance catalog - URLs.
      • Enhance catalog - RGs.
    • Webpages:
      1. Internet:
        • Provide public access to regularly updated webpages announcing new acquisitions, bibliographic products and other information of interest to archival and related professions.
        • Provide public access to IWG and Holocaust-Era Assets webpages.
      2. Intranet:
        • Provide staff and volunteer access to regularly updated intranet webpages providing training, ready-reference material, schedules, and other information needed by staff and volunteers.
    • Webpage search training:
      • On all levels to staff
      • To the public with emphasis on NARA reference materials on the web.

  2. Procure materials by the most economical and efficient methods.
    • Integrate acquisitions function to handle all formats of material.

  3. Reference requests response:
    • 80% written requests answered
    • 95% of items requested in research rooms are furnished within 1 hour.
    • 99% of self-service customers are assisted within 15 minutes of signing in.
    • 100% of Freedom of Information Act requests are acknowledged within 20 working days, and 80% are completed within 20 working days.