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  • 236.2 RECORDS OF THE WAGE ADJUSTMENT BOARD 1941-47 23 lin. ft.


Established: In the Department of Labor, May 29, 1942, by direction of the President, May 14, 1942. Composed initially of representatives of federal contracting agencies and participating labor unions. Reorganized to include representatives of labor, industry, and the public, October 1943. Functions: Administered the Davis-Bacon Act (46 Stat. 1494), March 3, 1931. Administered the Wage Stabilization Agreement of May 22, 1942, which required wage rates on all government war construction work to be frozen at levels prevailing on July 1, 1942. Beginning October 13, 1943, stabilized private sector building construction wages; adjudicated industry labor disputes; and served as an industry commission of the National War Labor Board (1942-45) and its successor, the National Wage Stabilization Board (1945-47), with its decisions subject to review by those agencies.

Abolished: Upon termination of the National Wage Stabilization Board, February 24, 1947, pursuant to EO 9809, December 12, 1946.

Finding Aids: Leonard Rapport, comp., Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Wage Adjustment Board, PI 72 (1954).

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23 lin. ft.

Textual Records: Minutes of meetings, 1942-46. Correspondence, 1942-46. Indexes to approximately 16,000 wage-adjustment cases relating to government and private construction work, 1942-47. Case file sample (106 cases), 1942-47. Budget records, 1943-45. Workload reports, 1942-44. Issuances of other federal agencies concerning or affecting the board, 1941-46.

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