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Records of the Office of Foreign Assets Control

(Record Group 265)
1941-46 (bulk 1943-45)
508 cu. ft.

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  • 265.2 RECORDS OF FOREIGN FUNDS CONTROL 1941-46 (bulk 1943-45) 579 lin. ft.
  • 265.2.1 General records
  • 265.2.2 Records of the Honolulu, HI, office


Established: In the Department of the Treasury by Treasury Department order, October 15, 1962.

Predecessor Agencies:

In the Department of the Treasury:

  • Foreign Funds Control (1940-47)
  • Office of International Finance (1947-50)
  • Division of Foreign Assets Control, Office of International Finance (1950-62)
Functions: Administers foreign assets and funds control programs.

Finding Aids: Lyle J. Holverstott and Fred L. Miller, comps., "Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Foreign Funds Control," NC 8 (1962).

Related Records: Records of the Office of Alien Property, RG 131.

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1941-46 (bulk 1943-45)
579 lin. ft.

History: Established as a unit of the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to EO 8389, April 10, 1940, under authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act (40 Stat. 411), October 6, 1917, as amended. Given separate bureau status, September 11, 1942. Administered wartime import controls over enemy assets and restrictions on trade with the enemy. Participated in administering the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals ("Black List"), and took censuses of foreign-owned assets in the United States and American-owned assets abroad. Abolished by Treasury Department Order No. 86, July 10, 1947, with functions transferred to newly established Office of International Finance (OLF). OLF activities relating to blocked foreign funds were transferred to the Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice, 1948. Division of Foreign Assets Control, established in the Office of International Finance by Treasury Department order, December 17, 1950, administered controls over the assets of China and North Korea that had been frozen after Chinese intervention in Korea (October 1950), and certain regulations and orders issued under the amended Trading with the Enemy Act. Superseded by Office of Foreign Assets Control, 1962. SEE 265.1.

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265.2.1 General records

Textual Records: Form TFR-500 census schedules of property in foreign countries owned on May 31, 1943, by persons and organizations subject to the jurisdiction of the United States or its territories and possessions, including summary reports, detailed property reports, and reports of interests in primary allied organizations, submitted by individuals; by corporations or other organizations; by executors, administrators, or trustees; and by custodians or nominees who held property for persons not subject to U.S. jurisdiction, 1943-45. Indexes (Statistical Control Sheets) to the names of U.S. corporations filing such schedules that had subsidiaries in foreign countries, November 1945.

Related Records: Record copies of publications of Foreign Funds Control in RG 287, Publications of the U.S. Government.

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265.2.2 Records of the Honolulu, HI, office

Textual Records (in San Francisco): Internee reports (Form TFR- 30), 1942-45, with indexes. Reports by foreign nationals in the United States of real and personal property, including bank accounts (Form TFR-300 series), 1942-45, with indexes. Special licenses to engage in foreign exchanges transactions, 1941-46, with indexes. Indexes to currency and security licenses, 1941-46. Index to census schedules of property owned in foreign countries (Form TFR-500), 1941-46.

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