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  • 322.1 Administrative History
  • 322.2 Records of the Liaison Office (Washington, DC) 1933-68

322.1 Administrative History

Established: In the Department of the Interior by Secretary's Order, August 15, 1923.

Predecessor Agencies:

  • Alaska Engineering Commission (1914-15)
  • Alaska Engineering Commission, Department of the Interior (1915-23)

Transfers: To the Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior, by Secretary's Order 1040, February 13, 1936; to the Office of Territories, Department of the Interior, by Administrative Order 2577, July 28, 1950; to independent status within the Department of the Interior by manual release, December 16, 1959; to the Federal Railroad Administration, Department of Transportation, effective April 1, 1967, by the Department of Transportation Act (80 Stat. 931), October 15, 1966; to the State of Alaska, January 5, 1985, pursuant to the Alaska Railroad Transfer Act of 1982 (96 Stat. 2556), January 14, 1983.

Functions: Operated railroad lines in Alaska.

Abolished: Federal responsibility for The Alaska Railroad terminated upon its transfer to the State of Alaska, January 5, 1985.

Successor Agencies: The Alaska Railroad, State of Alaska.

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322.2 Records of the Liaison Office (Washington, DC)

History: Construction and operation of railroad in Territory of Alaska authorized by the Alaska Railroad Act (38 Stat. 305), March 12, 1914, which further directed the President to appoint an Alaska Engineering Commission to supervise construction. Commission placed under Department of the Interior by EO 2129, January 26, 1915. Department authorized to operate railroad by EO 3861, June 8, 1923. Construction completed and railroad opened, July 15, 1923, with operating responsibility vested in Alaska Railroad Commission. Redesignated The Alaska Railroad, 1923. Headquarters, Anchorage, AK, with liaison office, Washington, DC. See 322.1.

Textual Records (in Anchorage): General records relating to the operation of The Alaska Railroad, 1933-68. Records relating to personnel and administration of The Alaska Railroad, 1939-68.

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