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  • 328.1 Administrative History
  • 328.2 General Records 1924-90
  • 328.3 Cartographic Records (General) 1900-66
  • 328.4 Motion Pictures (General) 1965
  • 328.5 Sound Recordings (General)
  • 328.6 Still Pictures (General) 1900-48

328.1 Administrative History

Established: As an independent agency by the National Capital Planning Act (66 Stat. 781), July 19, 1952.

Predecessor Agencies:

  • National Capital Park Commission (1924-26)
  • National Capital Park and Planning Commission (1926-52)

Functions: Acts as the Federal Government's central planning and development agency in the National Capital Region, which encompasses the District of Columbia and all land areas within the boundaries of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, MD, and Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties, VA. Responsibilities include preparing the federal elements of the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital Region; reviewing plans and programs proposed by federal, state, regional, and local jurisdictions and agencies; and preparing and updating the Five-Year Federal Capital Improvements Program.

Finding Aids: Dorothy S. Provine, comp., Records of the National Capital Planning Commission, Inv. 12 (1977); updated version in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories.

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328.2 General Records

History: National Capital Park Commission established by the Park Commission Act (43 Stat. 463), June 6, 1924, to oversee the comprehensive development of the National Capital region. Redesignated the National Capital Park and Planning Commission by the Park Commission Act Amendments (44 Stat. 374), April 30, 1926. Superseded by the National Capital Planning Commission, 1952. SEE 328.1.

Textual Records:Transcripts of proceedings and minutes of meetings of the commission, 1926-90. Correspondence, notices, agendas, and other records created in preparation for commission meetings, 1972-73. Memorandums of actions taken by the Commission at open, executive, and special meetings, 1970-78. Minutes of meetings of the commission's Coordinating Committee, 1932-82. Records of the National Capital Regional Planning Council, 1949-67. Minutes of meetings of the Committee on Coordination of Plans for the District of Columbia Recreation System, 1929-62. Administrative files, 1924-67. Planning files, 1924-68. Project files, 1935-82. Legislative files, ca. 1952-72. Land acquisition records, 1924-66. Records relating to urban redevelopment, 1952- 74. Records pertaining to the DC civil disorder survey, 1968-74. Office files of Chairman Frederic A. Delano, 1927-42, Director John Nolen, Jr., 1933-58, and Executive Director Wilmer C. Dutton, 1958-65. Historical files compiled by William T. Partridge, the commission's consulting architect, 1933-49. Reports, studies, and announcements relating to projects considered by the commission, 1926-57. Project files of the Office of Public Information, 1958-66. Records of the Federal Planning Division, consisting of project planning files, 1927-60; records relating to military projects, 1965-81; project files relating to transfers of jurisdiction, 1970-78; and project files for the Federal Capital Improvements Program, 1966-77. Project files of the District Planning Division, 1952-80.

Sound Recordings: Commission proceedings, 1953 (12 items).

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328.3 Cartographic Records (General)

Maps: DC and adjacent portions of MD and VA, indicating schools, municipal and federal buildings, parks, bridges, monuments, military posts, and highway systems, 1900-66 (1,513 items).

Aerial Photographs: DC, 1927 (720 items) and 1950 (600 items). DC parked-car survey, 1930 (95 items). Flood conditions along the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, 1936 (75 items) and 1942 (276 items). Langley-Great Falls, VA, 1956 (33 items). Census Bureau, Suitland, MD, 1940's (1 item). Memorial Bridge, DC-VA, 1955 (1 item).

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328.4 Motion Pictures (General)

Redevelopment projects in southwest DC and nearby MD neighborhoods, 1965 (5 reels).

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328.5 Sound Recordings (General)

SEE UNDER 328.2.

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328.6 Still Pictures (General)

Photographic Prints: Waterfronts and quays, in album, ca. 1900 (QW, 54 images). Construction of the Grand Coulee Dam, in album, 1934-36 (GCD, 20 images). DC flood scenes, 1936, 1942 (F, 48 images).

Photographic Prints, Glass Positives, and Drawings: DC and environs, 1902-40 (M, 40 images).

Lantern Slides: Illustrative material, DC and environs (1790-1948), used in reports and lectures, ca. 1900-48 (S, 466 images).

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