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  • 355.1 Administrative History
  • 355.2 Records of the Statistical Reporting Service and its Predecessors 1909-87
  • 355.3 Machine-Readable Records (General) 1939-91

355.1 Administrative History

Established: In the Department of Agriculture by Secretary's Memorandum 1020-24, April 17, 1986.

Predecessor Agencies:
  • Division of Statistics (1863-1903)
  • Bureau of Statistics (1903-14)
  • Bureau of Crop Estimates (1914-21)
  • Bureau of Markets and Crop Estimates (1921-22)
  • Bureau of Agricultural Economics (BAE, 1922-39)
  • Division of Agricultural Statistics, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS, 1939-42)
  • BAE (1942-53)
  • Farm Economics Research Division, Agricultural Research Service (ARS, 1953-61)
  • Statistical Reporting Service (1961-77)
  • Economics, Statistics, and Cooperatives Service (1977-80)
  • Economics and Statistics Service (1980-81)
  • Statistical Reporting Service (1981-86)

Functions: Prepares estimates and reports on agricultural production, supplies, and prices, and on other aspects of farm economy, including agricultural wages and employment.

Finding Aids: Preliminary inventory in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories.

Related Records:
Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, RG 83.
Records of the Agricultural Marketing Service, RG 136.
Records of the Agricultural Research Service, RG 310.

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355.2 Records of the Statistical Reporting Service and its Predecessors

History: Division of Statistics established in Department of Agriculture, May 28, 1863. Consolidated with the Division of Foreign Markets, July 1, 1903, by the Agricultural Appropriation Act (32 Stat. 1162), March 3, 1903, to form the Bureau of Statistics. Redesignated the Bureau of Crop Estimates, July 1, 1914, by the Agricultural Appropriation Act (38 Stat. 436), June 30, 1914. Consolidated with the Bureau of Markets, effective July 1, 1921, by the Agricultural Appropriation Act (41 Stat. 1341), March 3, 1921, to form the Bureau of Markets and Crop Estimates. Consolidated with the Office of Farm Management and Farm Economics, July 1, 1922, by the Agricultural Appropriation Act (42 Stat. 532), May 11, 1922, to form the BAE. Marketing research functions transferred to AMS as the Division of Agricultural Statistics by Secretary's Memorandum 830, July 7, 1939; restored to BAE by EO 9069, February 23, 1942. BAE abolished by Secretary's Memorandum 1320, supplement 4, November 2, 1953, and research and statistical functions transferred to Farm Economics Research Division in newly created ARS. Superseded by Statistical Reporting Service, established by Secretary's Memorandum 1446, supplement 1, April 3, 1961. Consolidated with Economic Research Service and Farmer Cooperative Service to form the Economics, Statistics, and Cooperatives Service by Secretary's Memorandum 1927, effective December 23, 1977. Renamed Economics and Statistics Service by Secretary's Memorandum 2025, September 17, 1980. Split into Economic Research Service and Statistical Reporting Service by Secretarial Order, October 1, 1981. Statistical Reporting Service renamed National Agricultural Statistics Service, 1986. See 355.1.

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355.2.1 Headquarters records

Textual Records: Central subject file, 1967-69. Records relating to vegetable production, 1949-69. Annual estimates and reports, arranged by subject, 1982-87.

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355.2.2 Records of State Offices

Textual Records: Narrative and statistical reports prepared by the AL State Office (Montgomery, AL), 1941-71 (in Atlanta); FL State Office (Orlando, FL), 1951-62 (in Atlanta); GA State Office (Athens, GA), 1909-67 (in Atlanta); ID State Office (Boise, ID), 1918-66 (in Seattle); IL State Office (Chicago, IL), 1917-71 (in Chicago); IL State Office (Springfield, IL), 1960-66 (in Chicago); KY State Office (Louisville, KY), 1960-67 (in Chicago); MT State Office (Helena, MT), 1928-61 (in Denver); NM State Office (Las Cruces, NM), 1918-70 (in Denver); NC State Office (Raleigh, NC), 1953-68 (in Atlanta); OK State Office (Oklahoma City, OK), 1930-48 (in Fort Worth); SC State Office (Columbia, SC), 1918-65 (in Atlanta); TN State Office (Nashville, TN), 1954- 69 (in Atlanta); TX State Office (Austin, TX), 1920-70 (in Fort Worth); VA State Office (Richmond, VA), 1918-66 (in Philadelphia); and WI State Office (Madison, WI), 1941-72 (in Chicago).

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355.3 Machine-Readable Records (General)

Official crops estimates data base, 1939-87 (1 data set), with supporting documentation. County estimates of crop yields, 1972- 89 (1 data set), with supporting documentation; and meat animals livestock production, disposal, and income, 1975-83 (1 data set), with supporting documentation. State and national estimates of cattle on feed, 1969-82 (1 data set), with supporting documentation; and cattle and calves, 1969-91 (1 data set), with supporting documentation.

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