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Records of the office of Personnel Management [OPM]

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Table of Contents

  • 478.1 Administrative History
  • 478.2 Records of OPM Headquarters 1928-92
  • 478.3 Records of OPM Region 2 (Eastern Region) 1972-81
  • 478.4 Sound Recordings (General)
  • 478.5 Machine-Readable Records (General)

478.1 Administrative History

Established: As an independent agency by Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978, effective January 1, 1979, in accordance with EO 12107, December 28, 1978, and the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (92 Stat. 1111), October 13, 1978.

Predecessor Agencies:
  • Grant Civil Service Commission (1871-83)
  • U.S. Civil Service Commission (1883-1979)

Functions: Administers the federal civil service.

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478.2 Records of OPM Headquarters

History: An advisory board, popularly known as the Grant Civil Service Commission, established by President Ulysses S. Grant pursuant to an act of March 3, 1871 (16 Stat. 514), authorizing the President to prescribe rules and regulations for the civil service. Superseded by the U.S. Civil Service Commission, an independent regulatory agency, by the Civil Service Act (22 Stat. 403), January 16, 1883. Commission abolished, effective January 1, 1979, with functions dispersed among newly established Federal Labor Relations Authority, Merit Systems Protection Board, and OPM. See 478.1.

Textual Records: Oversize personnel security investigation case files, accumulated by the Office of Federal Investigations and its predecessor, the Investigations Division of the U.S. Civil Service Commission, 1928-82.

Sound Recordings: Testimony before an employee loyalty board, June 1951, from the oversize personnel security investigation case files, 1928-82 (7 items).

Machine-Readable Records: Federal Employee Attitude Survey (FEAS), Phase I, 1979 (2 data sets), Phase II, 1980-81 (2 data sets), and Phase III, 1983 (1 data set), with supporting documentation. Survey of Federal Employees (SOFE), November 1991-February 1992 (1 data set), with supporting documentation. Central Personnel Data File (CPDF), current status master file, 1978-84, 1986 (16 data sets).

478.3 Records of OPM Region 2 (Eastern Region)

Textual Records (in New York): Records of the Staffing Division, consisting of qualitative reviews of state and local merit systems, 1972-81.

478.4 Sound Recordings (General)

See under 478.2.

478.5 Machine-Readable Records (General)

See under 478.2.

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