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  • 492.1 Administrative History
  • 492.2 Records of Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U.S. Army 1942-48

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492.1 Administrative History

Established: As North African Theater of Operations, United States Army (NATOUSA), by General Order 1, Headquarters NATOUSA, February 4, 1943, implementing War Department Cable 1771, February 3, 1943. Redesignated Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army (MTOUSA), effective November 1, 1944, by General Order 111, Headquarters NATOUSA, October 24, 1944, implementing War Department Operations Division Radio WDOPD OPD 371 TS (17 Oct 44) CM-OUT-49246, October 19, 1944.

Functions: Exercised administrative control over U.S. Army units, equipment, and installations within a geographical area initially including the Azores, Canary and Cape Verde island groups, and surrounding Atlantic waters; French-held territories of northwestern Africa; Italy; south coast of France; Iberian Peninsula; and Mediterranean Sea and its islands as far east as Adriatic Sea. MTOUSA boundaries were expanded on March 21, 1944, to include all of the Mediterranean Sea and its islands (except Cyprus); Turkey; Balkan Peninsula; Hungary; Austria; Switzerland; and southern France. On October 19, 1944, jurisdiction over southern France and Switzerland was transferred to the European Theater of Operations. On March 1, 1945, MTOUSA boundaries were redefined again to exclude the Atlantic areas, northwestern Africa, Turkey and Turkish islands, and the Iberian Peninsula, with those areas transferred to the newly established Africa-Middle East Theater. MTOUSA boundaries were further redefined to exclude the Dodecanese Islands and Austria on September 2, 1945.

Abolished: Effective December 14, 1947, by General Order 205, Headquarters MTOUSA, December 3, 1947, implementing Department of the Army Cable WCL 41762, December 2, 1947. Residual command functions transferred to Commanding Officer, Headquarters Command, European Command, effective December 15, 1947, by General Order 206, Headquarters MTOUSA, December 3, 1947.

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492.2 Records of Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U.S. Army

Textual Records: Records of headquarters organizations, 1942-47, including the staff of the Commanding General, general and special staff sections, and boards and committees. Records of subordinate commands, 1942-47, including Allied Armies in Italy; Headquarters Command Allied Forces; and Atlantic, Eastern, Mediterranean, and Peninsular Base Sections. Correspondence, tract books, logs, a history, and other records of the Military Liquidating Agency, 1945-48.

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