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531.1 Administrative History

Established: Effective August 1, 1952, by Joint Chiefs of Staff message 912973 to U.S. Liaison Officer Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, July 7, 1952, implementing JCS 1259/241, approved June 27, 1952.

Predecessor: European Command, 1947-52.

Functions: Supports and advances U.S. interests and policies throughout its assigned area of responsibility, which encompasses the countries of northern, western, southern, and central Europe; the former Soviet Socialist Republics of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorussia, Ukraine, and Moldavia; and the countries of Africa (excluding Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Djibouti, which are within the area of responsibility of U.S. Central Command). USEUCOM accomplishes its mission by providing combat-ready land, maritime, and air forces to U.S. commanders in chief; by conducting operations unilaterally or in concert with coalition partners; and by training forces as joint units.

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531.2 Cartographic Records (General)

Maps: Published road maps of countries in western Europe, intended for headquarters use, 1953-59.

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