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  • 544.1 Administrative History
  • 544.2 Records of Agencies 1962-69
  • 544.3 Records of Depots 1962-63
  • 544.4 Records of Laboratories 1941-72
  • 544.5 Records of Other Support Elements 1966-73

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544.1 Administrative History

Established: As a Department of the Army major field command, effective May 8, 1962, by General Order 23, Department of the Army, May 4, 1962; confirmed by General Order 4, HQ USAMC, May 23, 1962. USAMC was constituted, effective August 1, 1962, by General Order 46, Department of the Army, July 25, 1962, which transferred to USAMC nearly all of the materiel development and the logistics organizations of the seven Army Technical Services (the Offices of the Quartermaster General, the Chief of Ordnance, the Chief of Engineers, the Surgeon General, the Chief Signal Officer, the Chief Chemical Officer, and the Chief of Transportation); and of other Army organizations. USAMC was redesignated United States Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command (commonly referred to as DARCOM), effective January 23, 1976, by General Order 1, Department of the Army, January 26, 1976. DARCOM was redesignated United States Army Materiel Command (USAMC), effective August 1, 1984, by General Order 28, Department of the Army, August 15, 1984.

Functions: USAMC is responsible for the life-cycle management of the Army's materiel, beginning with concept; progressing through research and development, test and evaluation, procurement and production, supply, distribution, and maintenance; and ending with disposal. USAMC also acts as the Department of the Army's executive agent for foreign military sales.

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544.2 Records of Agencies

Textual Records: Records (in Los Angeles) of the Los Angeles Procurement Agency, Pasadena, CA, including installation historical records, 1962-69; records concerning investigations, 1962-69; organizational planning records, 1965-69; organization management files, 1966-69; and issuances, 1966-69. Records (in Atlanta) of the Atlanta (GA) District, Southern Region, U.S. Army Audit Agency, consisting of field command operating program records, 1965-66; and issuances, 1962-65. Operating budget records of the U.S. Army Procurement Agency, Chicago, IL, 1966-69 (in Chicago).

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544.3 Records of Depots

Textual Records: Records (in Kansas City) of the Sioux Depot, Sidney, NE, consisting of general orders, 1962; manuals, 1962; records concerning operating procedures, 1962; and organizational planning records, 1962. General correspondence, general orders, organizational planning records, and historical records, 1962-63 (in Seattle), of the Auburn (WA) General Depot; 445th Quartermaster Depot, Fort Lawton, WA; Mt. Rainier Ordnance Depot, Tacoma, WA; Seattle Quartermaster Depot, Seattle, WA; and Umatilla Depot, Hermiston, WA.

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544.4 Records of Laboratories

Textual Records: Records of the Natick (MA) Laboratory, consisting of mutual weapons development data exchange agreements, 1959-69; management survey case files, 1958-67; technical report record files, 1947-72; historian's background materials, 1941-66; general orders, 1961-69; operating program progress report files, 1944-69; five-year programming files, 1964-68; regulatory publications, 1964-65; operating budget records, 1962-71; a history of the Quartermaster Research and Engineering Field Facility and Quartermaster Test Activity, Maynard, MA, 1960; activation records of the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA, 1961-64; research and development project control files, 1952-65, and administrative records, 1956-65; and organizational planning records, 1958-66. Technical reports of the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories, Hanover, NH, 1968-70 (in Boston).

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544.5 Records of Other Support Elements

Textual Records: Security-classified records relating to the destruction of biological weapons at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR, 1970-73 (in Philadelphia). Issuances of the U.S. Army Electronics Support Command, Philadelphia, PA, 1966-68 (in Philadelphia). International Logistics Program requirements files of the International Logistics Directorate, Philadelphia, PA, 1967-68, 1970 (in Philadelphia).

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