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Records of U.S. Army Forces in the Caribbean

(Record Group 548)

Overview of Records Locations

548.1 Records of Defense Commands and Departments

Textual Records: Records of Caribbean Defense Command, 1941-48. Records of the Panama Canal Department, 1940-47; and records of the Puerto Rican/Antilles Department, 1939-47.

548.2 Records of U.S. Army, Caribbean

Textual Records: Records of headquarters, including correspondence, ca. 1947-51; defense plans, 1947-51; mission summaries and command reports, 1960-62; operations planning files, 1959-63; orders, 1962-63; operating program progress reports, 1957-60; and military assistance planning files, 1949-63. Records of the U.S. Army Caribbean School, Ft. Gulick, Canal Zone, 1946-64.

Maps: Published maps of American forts in the Panama Canal Zone, 1952-53 (11 items).

Related Records: Records of Caribbean Command in RG 349, Records of Joint Commands.

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