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  • 549.1 Records of European Command (EUCOM) 1942-52
  • 549.2 Records of U.S. Army, Europe (USAEUR) 1933-64
  • 549.3 Records of the Foreign Military Studies (FMS) Program and Related Records 1941-67
  • 549.4 Records of Berlin Command/Brigade 1946-48

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549.1 Records of European Command (EUCOM)

Textual Records: Microfilm copy of decimal correspondence maintained by the Secretary of the General Staff, 1947-52 (19 rolls). Reports of operations, 1947. Records of general and special staff sections, 1942-52, including G-2 (Intelligence) Division interrogation reports on German and Italian prisoners of war and persons in the Soviet Union or Soviet-controlled countries, 1942-49.

Maps: Published road maps of countries in western Europe, intended for EUCOM headquarters use, 1946-52.

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549.2 Records of U.S. Army, Europe (USAEUR)

Textual Records: Records of the War Crimes Branch of the Judge Advocate General Section, including general administrative records, 1942-57; records relating to pre-trial activities, 1944-51, extradition, 1945-52, and medical experiments, 1933-47; war crimes case files ("Cases Tried"), 1945-59 (212 ft.); war crimes case files ("Cases Not Tried"), 1944-48 (195 ft.); Malmedy Case indexes to defendants and military companies, n.d.; German-created name lists, information cards, and indexes to inmates at Buchenwald and Zweiberge Concentration Camps, 1943-45; location and identity cards for witnesses, 1947-48; indexes to war crimes case files, n.d., and witnesses and defendants in war crimes cases, 1946-48; card lists of members of the German 1st SS Panzer Regiment, n.d., suspects and defendants in war crimes cases,n.d., and prisoners requesting clemency or parole, 1952-57; summary sheets on prisoners ("Identification of Prisoners Sheets"), 1945-48; records relating to War Criminal Prison No. 1, Landsberg, Federal Republic of Germany, 1947-57; records relating to parolees ("Parolee Case Files"), 1945-58, and executed prisoners ("Executee Files"), 1946-51; and records relating to post-trial activities, 1945-57. Records of general and special staff sections, 1952-64. Records of Army Communications Zone, Europe, 1950-64.

Motion Pictures (51 reels): Compiled by the War Crimes Branch, Judge Advocate General Section, ca. 1945-47, consisting mainly of concentration camp scenes (including scenes at the Hadamar and Buchenwald camps), and showing identification of victims, reburial of remains, liberation of camp internees, and visits by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also includes newsreels from the German series, Degeto Weltspiegel (Degeto World Mirror).

Sound Recordings (4 items): Compiled by the War Crimes Branch, Judge Advocate General Section, ca. 1944, consisting of eyewitness testimony (including that of Pvt. William F. Reem and T/5 Charles Appman) concerning specific incidents connected with the murder of American prisoners of war on May 30, June 8, and December 18, 1944.

Glass Slides (18 images): Exhumed human skeletons, mass graves, and a castle, ca. 1946-48 (WC).

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549.3 Records of the Foreign Military Studies (FMS) Program
and related records (formerly in RG 319)

History: Program of interrogating leading German officers on their World War II combat and staff experiences, and of compiling reports on such interrogations, administered by Historical Section of Headquarters, Theater Forces European Theater, an arm of U.S. Forces European Theater (USFET), 1945-46. FMS Program assumed and expanded by Operational History (German) Section of Historical Division of Headquarters, USFET, 1946-47, which employed former German officers to produce studies on the German World War II military effort, and which then translated many of the studies into English. Program continued successively by Operational History (German) Branch, Historical Division, Headquarters, European Command (EUCOM, formerly USFET), 1947-51; Foreign Military Studies Branch, Historical Division, Headquarters, U.S. Army, Europe (USAEUR, formerly EUCOM), 1951- 58; German Historical Liaison Branch, Historical Division, Headquarters, USAEUR, 1958-59; and German Control Group, Historical Section (formerly Historical Division) of Plans and Policy Branch (redesignated Plans and Requirements Branch, 1961), Headquarters, USAEUR, 1959-61.

Textual Records (formerly in RG 319): General correspondence of the Operational History (German) Branch, 1945-49. Lists of German officers participating in the FMS Program, with related personnel records on some officers, 1945-61. Index to FMS studies, 1945-61. English-language reports of interrogations of German officers on strategic and operational questions ("European Theater Historical Interrogations [ETHINT] Series"), 1945-46. German-language studies with English translations ("A-Series"), relating mainly to German operations against U.S. forces on the Western Front, 1946-47. German-language studies with English translations ("B- Series"), consisting of histories of units and commands on the Western Front, and operations in Italy and Russia, 1946-48. German-language studies with some English translations ("C- Series"), dealing with general issues of German conduct of the war, and including a reconstruction of the German Armed Forces High Command war diary (1939-43), 1948-61. German-language studies with some English translations ("D-Series"), relating to German operations on the Italian and Eastern Fronts, and to German Navy and Air Force activities, 1946-51. German-language studies with some English translations ("P-Series"), relating mainly to organizational and administrative subjects, 1948-61. Miscellaneous German-language studies with a few English translations ("T-Series"), 1947-51. English translations, with some German-language originals, of the texts of lectures delivered by German officers ("L-Series"), n.d. Records related to those produced under the FMS Program, consisting of copies of English translations of captured German documents (1941-45), made by the British Air Ministry and maintained by the British Air Historical Branch, n.d.; and an incomplete collection of studies prepared by German Air Force officers for the U.S. Air Force, 1954-67.

Photographs (formerly in RG 319): German officers who contributed to the Foreign Military Studies, 1952-59 (576 images).

Photographic Prints (formerly in RG 319): Activities of the 1st Battalion, 10th U.S. Infantry Regiment, at Fort Lawton, WA, 1903-5 (LAW, 12 images). Army construction units at Fort Richardson, AK, 1941 (AKR, 170 images). Activities of units attending summer camp at Fort Lewis, WA, 1952 (ORC, 82 images), and at Ford Ord, CA, 1950's (ORD, 164 images).

Finding Aids: Historical Division, Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe, A Guide to Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54: Catalog and Index (Karlsruhe, Federal Republic of Germany: Headquarters, U.S. Army, Europe, 1954); with supplement, 1959.

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549.4 Records of Berlin Command/Brigade

Textual Records: General records maintained by the Adjutant General Section, 1946-48, including central decimal correspondence and reports of investigations. Records of boards, 1946-48.

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