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  • 251.2 RECORDS OF THE PRICE DECONTROL BOARD 1946-47 11 lin. ft.


Established: As an independent agency, by the Price Control Extension Act (60 Stat. 669), July 25, 1946. Functions: Determined whether price controls should be reimposed after August 20, 1946, on grain, livestock, cottonseed, soybeans, and milk, and on food or feed products derived from them. Forwarded proposals made by the Price Administrator or Secretary of Agriculture for reimposing controls on other commodities. Reviewed, on appeal, petitions for decontrol of commodities denied by the Price Administrator or Secretary of Agriculture.

Abolished: By board action, December 31, 1946, pursuant to the Price Control Extension Act, which mandated termination by June 30, 1947.

Successor Agencies: Department of the Treasury, as liquidator.

Finding Aids: James J. Fleischmann and Victor Gondos, Jr., comps., Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Price Decontrol Board, PI 46 (1952).

Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Price Decontrol Board in RG 287, Publications of the U.S. Government. Records of the Office of Price Administration, RG 188. Records of the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion, RG 250.

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11 lin. ft.

Textual Records: Minutes of board meetings, September 1946- January 1947. Transcripts of hearings, August 1946. Briefs and statements submitted by industry, labor, and consumer organizations, and other interested groups, 1946. Correspondence of the board secretary, 1946. Correspondence, reports, and other records relating to price control of dairy products, 1946. Memorandums, reports, charts, and statistical data from other government agencies, 1946. Telegrams received, August-September 1946. Historical reports and press releases, 1946-47.

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