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  • 424.2 HEADQUARTERS RECORDS 1963-84
  • 424.2.1 General records
  • 424.2.2 Records of divisions

Established: As an independent agency by the Consumer Product Safety Act (86 Stat. 1207), October 27, 1972. Became operational, May 1973.

Predecessor Agencies:

Federal Trade Commission (enforcement of Flammable Fabrics Act, 1953-73)

In the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Public Health Service, Department of Health, Education and Welfare:

Bureau of Product Safety (enforcement of Refrigerator Safety Act, 1956-73, and Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act, 1960-73)

National Clearinghouse of Poison Control Centers (enforcement of Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, 1970-73)

Functions: Establishes mandatory consumer product safety standards. Bans consumer products determined to present an undue risk to public health and safety. Conducts research into product standards. Collects information on consumer product-related injuries. Administers consumer and industry information programs.

Under provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Act, CPSC enforces the Flammable Fabrics Act (67 Stat. 111), June 30, 1953; Refrigerator Safety Act (70 Stat. 953), August 2, 1956; Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act (74 Stat. 372), July 12, 1960; and Poison Prevention Packaging Act (84 Stat. 1670), December 30, 1970.

Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in RG 287, Publications of the U.S. Government.

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424.2.1 General records

Textual Records: Records of the Office of the Secretary, consisting of public hearings files, 1963-84; a microfiche copy of petitions and comments, 1964-76 (1,408 fiche); chronological correspondence of the chairman, 1973-83; policy memorandums and reports, 1953-78; records relating to the development of mandatory and regulatory product safety standards, 1954-79; records relating to official comments by the CPSC concerning pending legislation, 1970-77; transcripts and correspondence relating to the Toxicological Advisory Board, 1979-81; and records relating to public comment on proposed regulations, 1973-78. Records relating to safety campaigns, 1971-79. Records relating to toy safety, 1973-76, and asbestos, 1974-77. Records of the Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group, consisting of records of the chairman, 1977-83; records relating to meetings, 1977-79; and miscellaneous records, 1977-81. Records of the Office of Public Participation relating to members and meetings of the Product Safety Advisory Council, 1974-81. Records of the Directorate for Engineering Sciences including records relating to the development of mandatory safety standards and regulations, 1972-82; and records relating to product safety tests, 1964-83. Records of the Office of Program Management including records relating to the development of mandatory product safety standards, 1968-83 (148 ft.); records relating to petitions for mandatory product safety standards, 1973-83 (95 ft.); records relating to matchbook safety, 1973-77; records relating to lawnmower safety, 1973-79; and records relating to product flammability, 1977-84.

Sound Recordings (626 items): CPSC meetings, 1977-80.

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 424.2.2 Records of divisions

Textual Records: Smoke detector reports maintained by the Hazard Analysis Division, 1978-81. Records of the Human Factors Division, consisting of special studies on hand-held tests of chain saws, 1977-83. Records of the Division of Electrical Engineering relating to aluminum wire and wiring systems, 1973- 83. Records of the Division of Administrative Litigation, consisting of litigation case files on aluminum wire incidence, 1967-82. Records of the Product Defect Correction Division, consisting of investigation and inspection reports concerning Dudley Automatic Pitching Machine injuries, 1977-81. Kawasaki snowmobile case files, maintained by the Division of Corrective Action, 1977-83.

Photographs (150 images): Chainsaw safety tests and related subjects, 1979-82.

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History: Established, 1962, as a field office of the Bureau of Product Safety, FDA, to enforce the Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act. Transferred to CPSC, 1973, as one of 13 field offices. Became a regional office, 1981. Redesignated a resident post under San Francisco Regional Office, 1988.

Textual Records (in Fort Worth): Case files relating to violations of the Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act, 1965-73.

Subject Access Terms: Fireworks.

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SEE UNDER 424.2.1.

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SEE Photographs UNDER 424.2.1.

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