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Reorganization of Congress
July 28, 1946

The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, the most comprehensive congressional reform in history, modernized Congress and expanded its administrative capabilities. The Democratic leadership in Congress, represented by Senate Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley and House Speaker Sam Rayburn, hoped that congressional reform would be politically popular. John Q. Public’s reply, however, suggested that many voters had a different opinion. In the November elections, the Democrats lost control of both the House and the Senate.

U.S. Senate Collection
Center for Legislative Archives

From Berryman’s Recurring Cast of Characters...

John Q. Public is a generic name in the United States to denote a symbolic member of society deemed a “common man.” He has no strong political or social biases and represents the randomly selected “man on the street.” See more of Berryman’s Recurring Symbolic Characters