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“I’d Almost Forgotten You”
November 5, 1917

As World War I raged, Government officials had little time to think about local and state elections. In this cartoon, the god of war looks on while Uncle Sam peruses reports on the war. A small, almost overlooked figure, representing the voter, interrupts Uncle Sam with a reminder of the impending November elections.

U.S. Senate Collection
Center for Legislative Archives

From Berryman’s Recurring Cast of Characters...

Uncle Sam, who first appeared in political cartoons during the War of 1812, is used by Berryman to personify the United States. He is usually depicted as a lanky man with white hair and a goatee, patriotically dressed in a star-spangled suit and tall top hat. His most famous image is from the “I WANT YOU” World War I Army recruiting poster drawn by James Montgomery Flagg. See more of Berryman’s Recurring Symbolic Characters