Recognition and Commemoration
On November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill that created a federal holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The bill also established the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission to manage the government's implementation of the holiday. Within these records (Record Group 220) is the correspondence of Mrs. Coretta Scott King (Chairperson), Mr. Lloyd Davis (Executive Director), and other Commission members, as well as administrative files, notes, and reports detailing the operations of the Commission. Also included are files documenting the 25th and 30th anniversaries of the March on Washington, in 1988 and 1993 respectively, as well as the efforts of individual city and state governments to enact the holiday in their jurisdictions. These images are only a small representation of the over thirty-five linear feet of Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission records within the holdings of the National Archives at Atlanta.
Alta High School Letter

Alta High School Letter

January 10, 1986

House Resolution 3706

MLK Holiday Established

January 3, 1983

House Resolution 5890

MLK Commission Created

January 23, 1984

Tuskegee Airman Letter

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

September 21, 1984

Mrs. King Requests to Speak

Mrs. King's Request

June 30, 1988

Reagan Proclamation

Reagan's Proclamation

December 23, 1988

Letter from Senator Chafee

Senator Chafee Letter

April 28, 1989

Nuremberg Elementary School Letter

Nuremberg School Letter

January 17, 1992

Inspection of Cooks

Legislative Support

April 29, 1993

Clinton's Proclamation

Clinton's Proclamation

January 12, 1996