Foreign Relations
Throughout the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union struggled for influence throughout the world; however, the super powers did interact at various levels. While media stories and propaganda often spoke of "beating the reds," playing up the ideological differences, there were quiet exchanges between East and West. This did nothing to assuage the mutual distrust, which began with the Russian Revolution during World War I.
Beating the Reds

"Beating Reds"


Political Prisoners

Expeditionary Siberian Force

May-August 1920

USSR Emblem

USSR Emblem

November 25,1954

USSR Civil Aviation Delegation

Russian Aviation

November-December 1972

Visitors Denied Entry

Visitors Denied Entry

August 21-25, 1944

Advisory Group to Pakistan

Training In Pakistan

July 11, 1956

Bolshevik Propaganda

Bolshevik Propaganda