At the start of the war, the southern transportation network lacked the infrastructure to support critical wartime activities. The construction and expansion of military and production facilities across the South, like the Bell Bomber Plant and the Atlanta Naval Air Station, created the need for greater access by land and air. To accommodate these new priorities, the federal government reorganized agencies like the Civil Aeronautics Administration, while also budgeting and tasking agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers to perform work out of their usual scope.
Atlanta Transportation Map

Atlanta Transportation Map


Bell Bomber Plant Highway Project


May 29, 1942

Atlanta NAS Highway Project

atlanta nas street project

July 7, 1943

Danger Zone Established

Danger Zone Established

April-August 1941

Atlanta Traffic Study

Atlanta Traffic Study

June 1942

Duties and Functions of the Airport Division

Airport Division

December 1941

Civil Aeronautics Administration Letter

Civil Aeronautics

September 25, 1944

Rail and Vessel Traffic

Rail and Vessel Traffic

March 13, 1944

Corps of Engineers Expenditures

COE Budget

June 30, 1944