Intelligence Operations
The records of the various U.S. Navy Intelligence Offices document fascinating stories of hyper vigilance by military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel. Whether it was an individual, a business, an advertisement, an object, or a letter, the suspicious subjects of intelligence investigations were numerous and varied, leading to what might have seemed an uncharacteristically paranoid environment for citizens on the home front.
New Yorker Ad

The New Yorker Advertisement

November 22, 1941

New Yorker Ad Investigation

New Yorker Ad Investigation

August 14, 1942

Investigation of Possible Enemy Beach Landing

enemy beach landing

June 11, 1942

House Raid

House Raid

June 1, 1942

Letter of Recommendation Noting Nazi Sympathies

Letter of Recommendation

March 15, 1942

7th Naval District Intelligence Organization

Intelligence Organization

December 23, 1942

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

May 25, 1943

Violation of Navy Censorship Regulations

Censorship Regulations

February 8, 1943

Letter from Kirby-Smith Junior High

Letter to Sailor

December 5, 1942