Historic PhotographsK-0427 Black Men Playing Checkers. Red Bank, Tennessee. 4-1-1935

Historic PhotographsK-0074 Old Woman at Well. Mrs. Swaggerty-Thorn Grove Community. Knox County.

Historic PhotographsK-0205 Old Luttrell Mill. Luttrell, TN. Grainger County. 6-1-1934.

Historic PhotographsK-0247 Unidentified Black Worker Digging Phosphates. 10-1-1934

Historic PhotographsK-1352 Ceramics Lab Kiln. Norris, TN. 11-1-1936.

Historic PhotographsK-2028 Wash Tub and Washing Machine. W.A. Reed Farm. Madison County, AL. 10-4-1939

Historic PhotographsK-0089 Farm Boy and Prize Hen Chicken. Norris, TN. 1-1-1934

Historic PhotographsK-0125 Kitchen of Mrs. Brown. Norris, TN. 1-1-1934

Historic PhotographsK-0576 Unidentified Man. Wagon and Cotton. 5-1-1935

Historic PhotographsK-0733 Black Sharecropper Family. Unidentified Farm. 3-1-1936

Historic PhotographsK-3120 Dale Campbell, 13. 4H Boy Planted 2200 Loblolly Pine Trees. Calloway County, KY. 7-21-1949

Historic Photographs-2855 School Children in Classroom. Smith Creek Community Building. 5-2-1944

Historic PhotographsK-2419 Library and People Reading. Cherokee Dam. 4-29-1941

Historic PhotographsK-1072 Hospital with TVA Ambulance. Wheeler, AL. 9-1-1935

Historic PhotographsK-2660 Trailer House Interior. Fontana Village. 8-18-1942

Historic PhotographsK-0214 Railroad Locomotive. John Sevier Steam Plant. 6-1-1934

Historic PhotographsK-1253 Industrial District of Cleveland along Cuyahoga River. Cleveland, OH. 6-1-1936