National Archives at Atlanta

National Archives at Atlanta

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA001 H-89 Edgar Coffman, a renter farmer in Anderson County, Tennessee, near Clinton. He is also a preacher for the Holiness sect. 10-23-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA009 H-10 Mrs. Sarah J. Wilson, Bulls Gap, Tennessee. The chair on which she is sitting is an example of the furniture made in the mountain region. 10-22-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA024 H-25 Family group on farm near Andersonville, Tennessee. This family owns two acres and has always lived in the vicinity. 10-24-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA025 H-26 Part of the family of Hugh Noe, a renter on a farm near Andersonville, Tennessee. 10-24-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA027 H-28 Mr. J.W. Melton and his wife by the fireplace getting ready for supper. Melton has used up the better part of his life in the mines. His boys run the farm. The Melton homestead is on the Andersonville, Tennessee, road. 10-24-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA034 H-35 Interior of the home of Harriet Hankins at the site of the planned community near Norris Dam. Harriet Hankins is 73 years old. 10-25-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA038 H-39 Foreman Clark and two of the shaftmen, Arthur Roberts and Sam Mynatt, at the mouth of the test tunnel at Norris Dam site. 10-26-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA041 H-42 Arthur Roberts, shaftman on test drilling work at the Norris Dam site. 10-26-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA061 H-64 Esco Glandon, a renter, lives at Bridges Chapel on land that will be islanded by the Norris Dam reservoir. His son has developed some talent in drawing. Note the drawings along the mantel of the fireplace. 10-31-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA065 H-67 Home of Alfred Bledsoe on Clear Creek Road near Loyston, Tennessee. This cabin is about one hundred years old. 10-31-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA093 H-103 S.J. Barley, Rural Route #2, LaFollette, Tennessee. Part of his best land will be inundated by Norris Dam reservoir. Barley is an ex-preacher, a blacksmith, and a carpenter, as well as a farmer. He has had 17 children (only 11 now living), and is an applicant for a job. He invested his life savings in a coal mine and lost it all. The neighbors say: "He was born in a blacksmith shop with a hammer in his hand." He made the "bull-tongue" plow in the picture. Of the boy helping him at the outdoor forge, he said: "He is my sixteenth baby and I have one smaller." 11-8-33

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA096 H-106 J.C. Nicely, P.O. at Goin, Tennessee. He is 70 years old, was born and reared in Union County, Tennessee. He is of English ancestry, via Virginia to Tennessee. 11-8-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA112 H-123 Pauline Minga, 146 Wanda Street, Kingsport, Tennessee, casing in and inspecting at the Kingsport Press, another operation requiring considerable skill. 11-10-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA117 H-129 Sallie Collins, Surgoinsville, Tennessee. She is a super-finish operator at the Kingsport Press. This operation, the application of gold with an air gun on the cover design, calls for a moderate amount of skill. This operator has been working at the plant two months and has been on this particular operation three days. 11-10-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA120 H-134 Ida Pratt, Churchill, Tennessee. General ability and skill are required for the operation of side stitching. This operator has been working at the Kingsport Press for five years, four years on this operation. She was reared in the country and lives on a farm eight miles from the plant. 11-10-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA123 H-140 Another view of Walter Hensley, head kiln fireman at Southern Potteries, Elroy, Tennessee. 11-11-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA128 H-145 Aunt Lizzie Reagan, at the Pi Beta Phi School, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, weaving old-fashioned jean. Very few can weave this kind of cloth now. She is 75 years old and lives near the school, earning her living by weaving. 11-11-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA130 H-147 Beula Ogle preparing warp for weaving at the Pi Beta Phi School, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She is a new weaver at the school and lives on a mountain farm. 11-14-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA133 H-150 Another view of Mrs. James Watson spinning wool yarn in her cabin near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 11-14-33.

Lewis Hine PhotographsTVA154 H-176 Another view of Mrs. Jacob Stooksbury, Loyston, Tennessee, -seated before a spinning wheel in her home. The creel in the background is used for measuring yarn by the hank. 11-23-33.