Work and Play7202B Diver for Setting Needle Beams Lower Lock. Guntersville Reservoir. 12-19-1938

Work and Play14104F Swimming Camp Winton. Fort Loudoun Reservoir. 7-22-1942

Work and Play6106A Mule Day. Murray, KY. 3-25-1940

Work and Play8698K In the Flower Garden, Feby and Martha. Sheffield, AL. 6-18-1940

Work and Play35010A Village No. 2 Playground

Work and Play35010E Village No. 2 Playground

Work and Play41840C Switchboard Showing Where Operator Was Injured. Ocoee#2 Plant. 4-14-1949

Work and Play16684 South Pittsburg Colored School. 1st Grade Room. South Pittsburg, TN. 12-15-1948

Work and Play16885 Van Raalte Company, Inc. Full Fashioned Knitting (Nylon Hosiery). Blue Ridge, GA. 6-21-1949

Work and Play16820 Interior View at Lebanon Garment Manufacturing Company. Lebanon, TN. 4-26-1949.

Work and Play18077-10 Brick Home Patio. Clarksville

Work and Play18085-12 Bath House at William Smith Home. Nashville, TN.

Work and Play16443 Vestal Stove Company Showing Stove Plate Casting. Sweetwater, TN. 6-2-1948.

Work and Play18592-5 No Caption

Work and Play17777-12 No Caption