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Gas Chamber Exercise

Gas chamber Exercise


Training was not relegated to just active duty military personnel. Civilians employed on military installations...

Tags: Gas Masks | South Carolina | World War II
Aircraft at Atlanta Naval Air Station

Atlanta Air Station

April 15, 1944

This photograph depicts training aircraft staged on the tarmac of the Atlanta Naval Air Station - the current site of Peachtree-Dekalb Airport...

Tags: Aviation | Georgia | World War II
Organizational photograph of Company

398th Port Battalion

November 26, 1942

African American military units commanded by white officers were organized across the country. This Transportation Company...

Tags: African Americans | South Carolina | World War II
Letter Declaring Integration of Shipyard

Dry dock Integration

May 22, 1943

This letter announces the integration of the Alabama Dry Dock and Ship Building Plant in Mobile, Alabama. The company made...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Press Release

Race Riots

May 27, 1943

This press release describes a walk-out by white workers because of a surprise integration of black welders at the Alabama Dry Dock...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

dining Car Discrimination

May 10, 1942

This letter, from Frank Adair to the Louisville and Nashville Rail Road in 1942, describes being denied access to the dining car...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads | World War II
National Airlines Sub Sighting

Sub Sighting Report

June 10, 1943

People of all ages and occupations maintained heightened vigilance on and around the southeastern Atlantic during World War II...

Tags: Aviation | Florida | Submarine Combat | World War II
Blimp Engages Submarine

Blimp Engages Sub

July 20, 1943

On the night of July 20, 1943, the observation blimp K-74 engaged a German submarine in the waters off of Charleston, SC...

Tags: South Carolina | Submarine Combat | World War II
British Ship Patrols for Subs

British Patrols for Subs

April 10, 1942

Several British ships assisted the U.S. Navy with combating the German submarine threat off the southeastern coast...

Tags: Georgia | Ships | Submarine Combat | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

Dining Car Discrimination

June 12, 1942

This letter, on NAACP letterhead, refers to the complaint of Frank B. Adair who was denied access to the dining car on the "Crescent Limited"...

Tags: African Americans | New York | Railroads | Washington D.C. |
World War II