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Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Worker Leaves Job for North

June 19, 1943

An African American worker leaves the South to work in the North and does not want to return despite his apparent violation ...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | Ohio | Tennessee | World War II
Service Men in Atlanta Terminal Station

Atlanta Station


These servicemen are scheduling transportation on trains leaving Atlanta Terminal Station...

Tags: Georgia | Railroads | World War II
Steam Locomotive

Steam Engine "Pershing"


The military-owned steam engine "Pershing" received some much-needed maintenance at Ft. Benning, Georgia after the war...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Railroads | World War II
44-Ton Diesel Locomotive

44-Ton Diesel Locomotive


This photograph depicts a small 44-ton diesel switch engine owned by the U.S. Army. These 44-ton diesels had a central cab...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Workers Needed in Coal Mines

Coal Mine Losing Workers

August 20, 1943

Coal mines were in desperate need of workers, but mine lore discouraged the hiring of women for these jobs...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Alabama Coal Strike

Alabama coal Strike

October 20, 1943

This memo describes 19,000 coal miners striking in Northern Alabama, October 20, 1943...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II
Mobile Women's Recruitment Campaign

Women Recruited

March 6, 1943

The War Manpower Commission undertook a campaign to recruit women in the Mobile, Alabama area to work in war industry...

Tags: Alabama | Women | World War II
Investigation of Electricians

Investigation of electricians

August 19, 1944

Written by a manager for Roane-Anderson at Oak Ridge, this report concerns insubordinate electricians and a supervisor's attempt...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Prisoner of War Circular

Employing POWs

March 1944

Daily life was also changed when communities were forced to abide enemy prisoners of war (POWs) from Europe...

Tags: Prisoners of War | World War II
Fish and Wildlife Service Newsletters

Newsletters for Servicemen

ca. 1942-1945

The Regional Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service in Atlanta, Georgia distributed a newsletter to former employees serving...

Tags: Georgia | Newsletters | World War II