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Baseball Patent

Baseball Patent


Making and selling baseballs was a profitable enterprise, even in 1876. Wolf Fletcher, an inventor from Covington, Kentucky...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky | Patent
Atlanta National League Club, Inc. and Ted Turner v. Bowie K. Kuhn

Ted Turner v. Bowie Kuhn


Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner, sometimes referred to as "the Mouth of the South," offended Commissioner Bowie Kuhn's sensibilities...

Tags: Baseball | Atlanta Braves | Georgia
Prison File for Robert Fay

Baseball Privileges


Robert Fay was a German spy during WWI who was convicted of trying to sabotage ships in American harbors...

Tags: Baseball | Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Georgia
Augusta Arsenal Baseball Game

Arsenal Baseball Game

ca. 1944

During World War II, many military installations fielded their own baseball teams. These teams competed against other local teams...

Tags: Baseball | Georgia
Newspaper Offers to Sponsor an Indian Baseball Game

Indian Baseball Game

November 1921

In 1921, the Charlotte Observer wrote to the Superintendant of the U.S. Cherokee School offering to sponsor an Indian baseball game...

Tags: Baseball | Native Americans | North Carolina
African American Team

African American Team

September 14, 1945

In September 1945, the "Colored Labor" softball team at the Lexington Signal Depot claimed its second post championship...

Tags: African Americans | Baseball | Kentucky | Softball
Appeal for Bus

Appeal for Bus

March 1945

During World War II, many items including gasoline and tires were strictly rationed. The Capital Club baseball club submitted...

Tags: Baseball | Georgia | North Carolina
Softball Team

Softball Team

August 11, 1945

The Lexington Signal Depot's weekly newsletter, The Messsage, reported on the installation's all-star male...

Tags:Baseball | Kentucky | Softball | Women
Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Wildcats

May 20, 1943

Along with numerous softball teams, the Lexington Signal Depot also fielded an installation baseball team during World War II...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky
Indians at Work

Indians at Work


Published as a newssheet by the Office of Indian Affairs, Indians at Work provided an in depth look at the work...

Tags: Baseball | Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) | Native Americans