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Hydro v. Steam

Hydro vs. Steam

April 22, 1936

As America began to modernize after the Great Depression, the hydroelectric versus steam power debate was a popular topic in the 1930s...

Tags: Electricity | Illinois | Tennessee
Selective Service Deferment for TVA Jobs

John Sevier Steam Plant

November 13, 1956

Constructed between 1952 and 1957, the John Sevier Steam Plant uses fossil fuels from the region to produce electricity...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee


December 12, 1967

Nickajack Dam, which was constructed between 1964 and 1967, replaced the old Hales Bar Plant...

Tags: Dam Construction | Electricity | Tennessee
Pickwick Switchyard

Pickwick Switchyard

April 1, 1938

The Pickwick Switchyard illustrates the electric power harnessed by the Pickwick Hydroelectric Plant...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
Kentucky Dam

Truman at Kentucky Dam

October 10, 1945

A little over one month after Japan formally surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri ending World War II, President Truman dedicated...

Tags: Dam Construction | Kentucky
Widows Creek

Widows Creek

October 15, 1952

With swiftness uncommon by today's standards, Congress appropriated funds for the Widows Creek Steam Plant on March 28, 1950...

Tags: Alabama | Electricity
TVA Power

TVA Power

ca. 1968

The Tennessee Valley Authority‘s 1968 publication "TVA Power" highlighted some of the agency's accomplishments and significant growth over...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
Watts Bar Feedwater

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

May 7, 1982

This photo depicts feedwater heaters, which are components used to pre-heat water delivered to a steam-generating boiler...

Tags: Nuclear Power | Tennessee

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

August 31, 1982

While this photo was taken over thirty years ago, construction on Bellefonte Nuclear Plant still has never been completed due...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Browns Ferry AV

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

October 3, 1969

Construction began on Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in 1966, and when completed in 1974, it was the largest nuclear plant in the world...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power