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Where the Light Bulb Gets Its Juice

Light Bulb Comic

January 26, 1977

This Con Edison-published educational comic book for younger ages described how electricity...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
More Pigs, More Profit

More Pigs...
More Profit

September 1, 1970

The title page of this brochure petitioned to pig farmers' production and profits...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee

Electric Iron

ca. 1940s

A dad in Hartselle, Alabama shows his children how to use the electric iron...

Tags: Alabama | Electricity
Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerator

January 16, 1947

This photo depicts the benefits of commercial refrigeration for the local inhabitants of Clarksville, Tennessee, as well as potential electricity...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
One Million TVA Customers

One Million Customers

July 1949

In July 1949, TVA celebrated its one millionth customers, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Williams, with a press release and some fanfare...

Tags: Tennessee

Prentiss Co. Power Assoc.

June 30, 1942

With the help of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Prentiss County Electric Power Association became debt free and finally turned a profit providing low...

Tags: Electricity | Mississippi
Street Lighting

Street Lighting

June 30, 1942

Excerpts from this TVA publication enlighten readers about the street lights in towns across the valleys...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
Forbes Magazine

Yardstick for Utilities

April 1975

The acclaimed Forbes magazine critiqued public power rates in rather harsh tones in an article published in April 1975. In response, TVA presented...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
TVA Power System

TVA Power

ca. 1960

The cover page of the 1959-1960 TVA Power brochure presented a majestic image of transmission lines while educating the reader...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
Energy Vision

Energy Vision

ca. 1994

By 1994, TVA generated four to five percent of all the electricity in the U.S. while serving some 7.7 million customers in a 7-state region...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee