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Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam

ca. 1943

Originally constructed to power two nitrate plants that manufactured explosives, Wilson dam was completed in 1924. TVA acquired the dam...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Douglas Dam

Douglas Dam

ca. 1943

Douglas Dam was built during World War II to provide power for critical war functions: aluminum and magnesium production and uranium enrichment...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee

guntersville DAm

March 22, 1940

In 1939 this hydroelectric dam began providing power to the residents of Marshall County, Alabama and surrounding areas. It also created...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Commercial Refrigerator

Pickwick Dam

March 1, 1938

Pickwick Dam was constructed between 1935 and 1938 and was named for the nearby community at the time. Along with Wilson and Wheeler Dams...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Watts Bar Dam

Watts Bar DAm

February 22, 1943

At the cost of displacing 832 families and 17 cemeteries when construction began in 1939, Watts Bar provided flood control, electricity, and a continuous...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Wheeler Dam

Wheeler DAm

February 22, 1943

The Wheeler project was the first main-river dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority, and one of the few visited by President Franklin...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
TVA Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

ca. 1934-1986

The TVA Power System is a complicated network of dams, transmission lines, switching stations, hydroelectric plants, nuclear plants...

Tags: Electricity | Map | Tennessee Valley
Agriculture Resources for War

Agricultural Resources

May 11, 1942

Not wanting to be known for strictly providing electric power for the war effort, the TVA continued to expand its scope in the early war years...

Tags: Tennessee | World War II
Life at Fontana

Life at
Fontana Dam


Written for a publication over thirty years after the completion of the Fontana Dam project, this historical fiction piece describes life for workers...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Erosion Project

Erosion Project


This series of photographs depicts the transformation of James C. Ray's property in Buncombe County, North Carolina during a soil erosion project...

Tags: Erosion | North Carolina