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Kudzu as Ground Cover

Kudzu as Ground Cover

March 24, 1937

Kudzu is a vine native to Southeast Asia that was introduced to the U.S. Southeast as a cover plant to prevent soil erosion. Due to the climate...

Tags: Erosion | Tennessee
Control of Soil Erosion

Control of Soil Erosion

August 20, 1936

This report outlines the Tennessee Valley's problems with soil erosion and proposes solutions...

Tags: Erosion | Tennessee
Reforestation Project

Reforestation Project

January 1956

These photographs show Mr. and Mrs. Sollie Wiseman from Benton County, Tennessee whose land was reforested by family and friends in 1949...

Tags: Tennessee
Flood Relief

Flood Relief

january 1937

The Ohio River flooded in January 1937, causing considerable damage from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. The Tennessee Valley Authority...

Tags: Floods | Kentucky | Tennessee
1937 Paducah Flood

1937 Paducah Flood

February 1937

After 18 inches of rain in 16 days, the Ohio River crested at 60.8 feet on February 2, 1937 in Paducah, Kentucky. This flood was the worst natural disaster...

Tags: Floods | Kentucky
Gilbertsville Reservoir Project

Gilbertsville Flood Control

October 7, 1937

The Gilbertsville Reservoir, also known as the Kentucky Reservoir, was constructed after the 1937 flood to help control the flooding of the lower...

Tags: Dam Construction | Floods | Kentucky | Map
Impounded Reservoirs and Malaria Control

Malaria Control

Juny 7, 1941

The eradication of mosquitoes is crucial in the efforts to control malaria. This report illustrates the difficulty of mosquito control...

Tags: Kentucky | Malaria Prevention | Tennessee
1941 Malaria Survey

Malaria Survey

March 10, 1942

This map shows the results of the Malaria Control Program's survey for malaria in the Guntersville Reservoir region...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention | Map
Malaria Control Program

Malaria Control Photos


These photographs show various aspects of the Malaria Control Program, such as collection of mosquitoes, analysis of the specimens...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Hill v. TVA Complaint

Hill v. TVA

February 18, 1976

Upon discovering that the snail darter would be adversely affected by the damming of the Tennessee River, Hiram Hill—a law student at University of Tennessee...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee