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Guntersville Photos

Guntersville Photos

July 1937-September 1939

The Tennessee Valley Authority chronicled its overall project progress through photographs. These depict the construction of...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Beech River Project Aerial Photos

Beech River Aerial Photos

March-October 1963

For each construction project, the TVA took aerial photographs to monitor the progress. These photographs show the construction...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Historic Photographs

Historic Photographs

January 1934 - July 1949

The TVA hired photographers to document life in the Tennessee Valley. The images in this exhibit showcases photographs taken by Charles Krutch...

Tags: Tennessee Valley
Homes Affected by Fort Loudoun Project

Fort Loudoun Homes

April 24-25, 1942

These images document the people and the homes which were displaced as a result of the construction of the Fort Loudoun Dam...

Tags: Relocation | Tennessee
Lewis Hine Photographs

Lewis Hine

October - November 1933

Photographer Lewis Hine was well-known for his work with social reform agencies like the National Child Labor Committee...

Tags: Tennessee
Work and Play

Working, Playing, Learning

December 1938 - April 1949

TVA photographers took over 500,000 photographs of the impact of TVA construction on people and landscapes...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Tennessee
Photographers of the TVA

Photographers of the TVA

November 3, 1936

This image shows TVA photographer Pare Lorenz working in the Great Smoky Mountains as a storm is approaching...

Tags: North Carolina | Tennessee
Draft Muster Roll

Draft Muster Roll


After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Border States in Union hands began drafting...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Kentucky
Medical Register

Medical Register

October 1864

When African American soldiers began mustering for service in the Union Army, they were given cursory medical examinations...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Health | Kentucky
Interment of U.S. Colored Troops

Interment of USCT

September-October 1864

United States Colored Troops were interred at the Chattanooga National Cemetery during the Civil War when...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Tennessee