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U.S. v. Scales

U.S. V. Scales

ca. 1954

This pamphlet contains the complete text of the answers of Eugene Dennis, General Secretary of the Communist Party...

Tags: Communism | North Carolina
Communist Watch List

Communist Watch List


These documents are memos from Army intelligence officers regarding individuals suspected of having communist ties. Their names were...

Tags: Cold War | Communism | California | New Mexico | New York
Code of Conduct

Military Code of Conduct


In an effort to thwart the "brainwash" techniques of communists, President Eisenhower instituted a code of conduct for all military personnel...

Tags: Florida | Prisoners of War | Soldiers
Pianist Denied Concert

Pianist Denied Concert

January-February 1945

These documents are from an investigation report on the communist ties of Ukrainian pianist Alexander Brailowsky. Despite having previously...

Tags: Communism | Tennessee
Threat of Communism

Threat of Communism


This document is a page from a periodical containing an article warning of the threat communism poses to the United States. It stresses faith in...

Tags: Communism | South Carolina
Lenin's Prediction

Workers Worldwide

August 1919

These letters are from an Atlanta Penitentiary inmate's case file. The sender discusses politics, unions, and the current state of workers in...

Tags: Communism | Foreign Countries | Georgia


December 29, 1961

This excerpt from a newsletter contains an article by J. Edgar Hoover on subverting communist infiltration in all facets of American life. Hoover claims...

Tags: Communism | Florida
	Operational Survival Maps

Operational Survival Maps


These maps from the North and South Carolina Civil Defense Agencies show major utility lines, evacuation routes, likely detonation...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War | North Carolina | South Carolina
Von Braun Speech

Von Braun Speech

July 14, 1965

In his welcome speech addressing the Regional Preparedness Committee, Dr. von Braun compliments the Emergency Planning Office for their work on...

Tags: Alabama | Civil Defense | Cold War
ATT Survivability

At&T Survivability


This booklet, authored by AT&T, depicts how advancements by the telecommunications industry prepared the nation's communications...

Tags: Civil Defense