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Women's Army Corps (WAC) Basketball Game

WAC Basketball Game

January 1944

About 150,000 women served in Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and Women's Army Corps (WAC) detachments...

Tags: Basketball | South Carolina | Women | World War II
Inspection of Cooks

Inspection of Cooks

ca. 1944

Along with being the headquarters for a detachment of Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)...

Tags: Cafeterias | Georgia | Women | World War II
Map of Omaha Beach

Map of Omaha Beach

August 5, 1944

On June 6, 1944 (D-Day), Allied forces landed at Normandy and began the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Map | Military Operations | World War II
British Captain Colin Montgomery

Captain Colin Montgomery

November 16, 1944

Captain Colin Montgomery, brother of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, was Chaplain of the British Hospital Ship "Dorsetshire"...

Tags: Chaplains | Health | Ships | South Carolina | World War II
Women in the Workforce

"Women are Teachable"

ca. 1943

By 1944, over half of American adult women were employed outside the home, making invaluable contributions to the war...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II
Beach Landing Training

Beach Landing Training


The Charleston Port of Embarkation hosted a variety of activities during the war, including army beach landing training...

Tags: Military Operations | South Carolina | World War II
Womanpower Campaign

"Womanpower" Campaign

January 1943

The "Womanpower" Campaign was a government initiative intended to maximize war production by using women...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II
Women Workers Needed

Women Workers Needed

February 1943

The Macon Naval Ordnance Plant in Macon, Georgia desperately needed workers to increase production during the war...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | Women | World War II
Operation Lumberjack

Operation Lumberjack

March 3, 1945

Executed on March 1, 1945, Operation Lumberjack was one of the last major operations of the European theater during World War II...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Map | Military Operations | World War II
Alabama Ordnance Works Power Plant

Alabama Ordnance

January 27, 1942

No project represents the focused and determined effort that government and private contractors dedicated to war-related infrastructure...

Tags: Alabama | Ordnance Facilities | World War II