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ca. 1973

In 1974, a woman sued members of the Eugenics Board of North Carolina because she had been sterilized in 1968. The board declared that...

Tags: Health | North Carolina

Customs Quarantine

Various Dates

The Public Health Service was responsible for the quarantine of arriving vessels to verify the health and sanitation of their contents...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Quarantine | South Carolina

NASA Astronauts

July-August 1969

Apollo 11 astronauts were placed in a mobile quarantine unit after returning from the moon. Several photos show them talking with President Nixon...

Tags: Alabama | Health | Quarantine | Space Exploration
Vessel Inspections

Vessel Inspections

Various Dates

The duties of the Public Health Service, Foreign Quarantine Branch included the inspection of ships entering the United States...

Tags: Health | Quarantine
Spraying for Malaria

Spraying for Malaria


In an effort to eradicate the threat of malaria, cars were specially outfitted for pesticide spraying...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention

Environmental Experiments

August 23, 1950

This pamphlet explains the biomedical system that was being designed to evaluate human responses to low-gravity environments...

Tags: Health | Space Exploration
Coming to America

Evaluating Arrivals


The Foreign Quarantine Branch was tasked with evaluating the medical condition of people and pets entering the United States...

Tags: California | Health | New York | Quarantine | Texas
Youth Administration

Youth Administration


These images show the availability of medical care provided to National Youth Administration workers...

Tags: Health | Industry | North Carolina

OSHA Investigation


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) completed an investigation regarding an explosion at a gas station in Alabama...

Tags: Alabama | Health | Industry
Agent Orange

Agent Orange


In the 1980s, the Public Health Service investigated the detrimental effects of exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange on Vietnam War veterans...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Georgia | Health